Resident Evil 3 Remake: How To Solve Every Puzzle | All Solutions Guide

Resident Evil 3 remake is an action-packed reimagining, and you’ll find far fewer puzzles than in other mainline classic Resident Evil games. Still, there are puzzles to encounter, and if you’re struggling to solve them and just want an answer, we’ve got the full solutions below. All you have to do is input the proper code, get the right items, and you’ll be good to go.

The Resident Evil 2 remake was full of puzzles, but this one is a whole lot less complicated. There are only a handful of true puzzles. Most of the time, you’ll just need to collect the right items to progress. It’s all about exploring and fighting — kind of like Resident Evil 4. Fighting zombies and surviving Nemesis is your main concern. Puzzles are pretty secondary, but they might just trip up an elite S.T.A.R.S. operative. Find all the answers below.

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Here, you’ll find answers to all the main puzzles in the game. There are only three actual puzzles, and the solutions are pretty straightforward.

The rest of the game is about finding [Key Items]. If you need help making progress, check out the full walkthroughs above, or check out the Lock & Safe Code Combinations guide.

The Subway Entrance Puzzle [Optional]

The first puzzle you’ll encounter is in the [Subway Entrance] Save Room. There’s a strange device in the corner with three colored slots. You’ll need to find all three gems and slot them into the device.

  • Red Gem: Donut Shop – Found in the Save Room. Examine the box.
  • Green Gem: Toy Uncle – Found in the Toy Uncle. Requires [Lock Pick].
  • Blue Gem: Convenience Store – Found in the Convenience Store on the same street as the Toy Store. Requires [Bolt Cutters].

Insert all three gems to unlock the ‘Power Stones‘ achievement / trophy. You’ll also get three useful items; a Grenade, a Tactical Stock (Shotgun) weapon upgrade, and a Hip Pouch.

The Subway Control Room Puzzle

After restoring power to the [Subway Substation], you’ll need to revisit the [Subway Office] and interact with the control panel. You’ll need to set the destination route.

Some of the paths are blocked, so you’ll need to set the directions as follows:

  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

All the other settings are already input. Press the button to launch the simulation, and you’ll complete this puzzle.

Vaccine Equipment Puzzle

In [NEST 2] you’ll need to acquire the [Vaccine Base] to generate a cure for the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. At the machine, you’ll have to set all three meters so they’re in the green range.

To do that, set the three buttons to these three amounts.

  • Mid | High | Low

Mix at this ratio, and you’ll unlock the [Vaccine]!

Is that really all the puzzles in the game? Let us know if you’re stuck anywhere else, and we’ll try to help!