Temtem: Everything You Need To Know About SaiPark | Lumas, SVs & Egg Moves

SaiPark is a totally new zone in Temtem that offers something Temtem players have been begging for — an easier way to catch Luma Temtems. For those that haven’t been following Temtem’s alternate-reality versions of Pokémon features, Luma Temtems are like Shiny Pokémon. Speaking of similarities, SaiPark is a little bit like the Wilds from the most recent Pokémon game, Sword & Shield.

It isn’t an exact match — SaiPark is a unique end-game zone for players looking to farm for some very rare Temtems. You’ll find SaiPark on Deniz, with an entrance on the Prasine Coast. That means this is one of the earliest locations you can reach, but it won’t be useful until you come back way, way later. What makes SaiPark special? Every week, new Temtems will appear with three bonuses — higher chances of Luma, more guaranteed perfect SVs, and special Egg Moves you can’t find anywhere else.

There’s more to know about SaiPark, so let’s break it down in the full guide below.

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SaiPark is a new endgame zone is a special Temtem reserve where unique Temtems will spawn at higher rates — they might have higher Luma rates, Egg Moves, or perfect SVs.

  • Location: SaiPark is located on Deniz, with an entrance on the Prasine Coast. You’ll need to acquire the Rock-Hopping Hook to access this area.

New Temtems will be available at SaiPark every week. The weekly reset info is available on the Temtem Twitter and other Temtem social media.

  • SaiPark Week 1: Feb 17th – Feb 23rd
    • Barnshe (30% Rate, x2 Luma Chance)
    • Oceara (30% Rate, x2 Luna Chance)

Every week, new Temtems will be available — one spawns on land, and one spawns in the water. You’ll need to check Temtem social media to see what Temtems are available in SaiPark, and what special bonuses they might have. It changes every week — and currently there’s no other way to check.

To catch Temtems in SaiPark, you’ll need special items called SaiCards. Regular TemCards won’t work here. SaiCards can only be used on the same weekly reset they’re obtained in — after the next reset, they’ll become useless. SaiCard costs change weekly. The more rare the Temtems available, the higher the cost.

  • During the Feb 17th – Feb 23rd reset, SaiCards cost $3,500 for x5 SaiCards.

SaiCards are pretty expensive, so you’ll need to carry a lot with you. You can spot Luma Temtems in battle, so there’s no need to waste cards if you’re just hunting them down. Your chances are doubled, so that means you’ll have a 1-in-4000 chance to spot one. That’s still ridiculously low odds, but at least Luma Temtems are also guaranteed to have at least three perfect SVs.