Temtem: How To Get The Most Money Fast | FreeTem Guide

Pansun, the currency of Temtem, is annoyingly hard to acquire in the late-game of Temtem. You’ll need a lot of it if you want to boost your favorites Temtems to reach their maximum potential without farming hundreds of battles. The passionate Temtem community has worked together to solve this Early Access issue — one that probably won’t stick around when the full game releases in the future.

This is all about the Temtem program. First, it’s important to note that this is not an exploit. This is simply using the game’s systems in the most efficient way possible. It helps that Temtem-aholics crunched the numbers and discovered the best possible place to farm — not only can you grab tons of Pansums, you can also breed, purchase fruit to boost your TVs, and grind ATK Tvs all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win.

This general strategy was shared by multiple superfans on the Temtem redditr/CatacombsofBaltimore and r/StrategicMagic. They go into a lot more depth about their discoveries, so make sure to check out their tips if you’re looking for the longform version.

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This farming method is all about catching Temtems and releasing them. As you progress in the story, you’ll meet the FreeTem organization — for every Temtem you release, you’ll earn a reward. To earn the biggest rewards, you’ll need to catch high-level Temtems. That means this method is really only for late-game players, but that’s when you’ll need the most cash.

  • The best place to farm Temtems is the grassy patch in the southwest of Anak Volcano — you’ll be able to reach it with the Rock-Hopping Gear you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story.
    • You’ll only encounter Magmis / Mastione Temtems in the grass outside the volcano.

Before Getting Started: Be prepared! Purchase 99 Temcards (1500~ Pansun) and a load of Smoke Bombs so you can quickly travel back and claim your cash reward. You’ll also want to some Balms to heal in an emergency. There’s a Healing Station nearby, so you can retreat and heal quickly.

To make farming easy, capture a pair of Wiplumps and use Cold Breeze to devastate the Fire-Type Temtems we’ll be farming. Find Wiplumps on Tucma Island, you’ll find them in Xealot River / Kakame Cenote, before the battle against Max.

  • Magmis / Mastione Farming Guide | Fast Pansuns
  • When you’re ready, travel to Omninesia, Anak Volcano and reach the lower-left corner of the map with the grassy area outside the volcano. It’s very close to a Healing Station and an NPC that sells Temcards, so you can always refill whenever you need to.
    • Go to the grassy area with your Wiplumps and capture as many Magmis / Mastione as possible. Then release them for the FreeTem Society to earn money! That’s really all there is to it.

There’s also a Fruit Vendor on this island — they’re expensive items, but you can instantly boost any of your TVs with the money you’re earning. You’ll also earn tons of ATK for capturing these Temtems. This is also the best area for farming ATK TVs, and capturing counts.

As an added bonus, there’s also a Breeding HQ on Omninesia, so you can drop off your Temtems, let them breed while you’re farming, and pick them up when you’re ready. There are so many benefits to farming here! Not just for the cash, but for all the other bonuses and boosts you’ll find. And there’s a reason you’ll need that cash — TVs can go up to 500! So you’ll need a ton of fruits to max out.