Minecraft Update 1.16 Brings In New Areas To Explore

Minecraft has been around for years and it’s still being enjoyed by gamers all over the world. It also helps that the development studio Mojang, is still providing the game with several new updates to keep content fresh along with things for players to collect, craft, fight or simply explore. We know that the 1.16 update will be bringing some new content to the Nether and today we’re getting word that there is a Snapshot available.

With this update, players will find that there are three new biomes which are Crimson Forest, Soulsand Valley, and Warped Forest. Venturing to these biomes you’ll find all sorts of new content littered throughout such as vegetation, fossils of unknown creatures, and what may be most exciting for players is Netherite. With Netherite, players are able to further upgrade their diamond gear to make it a bit more powerful and longer-lasting.

You can make Netherite by mining for Ancient Debris, using it in a Furnace to get Netherite Scrap and then combining four Netherite Scrap with four Gold Ingots to get a Netherite Ingot block. It may take some work and it may not be the safest place to mine, but it may be worth the risk to upgrade your diamond gear.

Outside of the biomes, you’ll also find some new additions to the Nether such as some audio effects being tweaked, new blocks, and even some other creatures such as Hoglins. For now, the update can be viewed as a Snapshot.

Source: Minecraft