Temtem: Free Temtems For Extra Cash | Free Temtem Society Guide

Money is a rare commodity in Temtem. You’ll need all the cash you can scrounge up to survive — and to purchase all those fancy fashion items to customize your character. There’s a house you can deck out with furniture, and an endless array of useful items you can pick up from vendors. And because this is an MMO, it won’t be quite so easy to grind for money.

If you’re looking for easy cash, there is one path you can take — and it’s all about capturing (or breeding) Temtems. If you join the ‘Free Temtem Society’, you’ll earn coins just for releasing these cute creatures. If you’re capturing every Temtem you see, you’ll be able to turn them all in for a fat stack of cash. It’s a good way to dump all those extra Temtems you don’t want — especially if you’re doing lots of breeding.

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To start earning money by releasing Temtems, you’ll need to join the ‘Free Temtem Society’ — they’re found on the Canopath (Route 5). Once you leave the first island, you’ll reach Route 5 and gain access to the Free Temtem Society and the Breeding Center.

Before reaching Route 5, you can already start saving up Temtems to turn-in. Just buy up as many TemCards as you can. They’re cheap, and you can put your extra Temtems in storage until you reach Route 5. Capture as many Temtems as possible, and you’ll be able to turn them all in at the Free Temtem Society for a tidy profit.

It’s really that simple! If you’re looking to save cash, just remember you can save money by retreating to Healing Centers at the start of each Route. It helps to take your time and not waste your valuable healing items — just take it slow, fight until you’re low on HP, then backtrack and continue on. You’ll gain plenty of levels playing this way, making sure you’re well-prepared for the dojo fights. That’s when the game gets a lot trickier anyway.