Temtem: How To Breed Temtems | Eggs, Inheriting Values, Shinies & More

Temtem is a new take on the Pokémon formula, so of course you can breed your Temtems to make eggs and (hopefully) produce some powerful Tems. The process is very, very different than it is in the Pokémon series, so if you’re confused, lost, or just need a few pointers to figure out exactly how to breed, we’ve got some info for you.

Breeding passes down traits from the parent Temtems, allowing you to create totally unique creatures that you’ll never find in the wild — whether its their improved SVs (Single Values) or their unique moves, even egg contains an inheritance from its parents. It’s all a little confusing, but I’ll try to explain and make this as simple as possible.

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How To Breed Temtems

Breeding is accomplished at any Breeding Center. The Breeding Center is located at the Canopath on Route 5, on Omninesia. The Breeding Center can hold up to two pairs of Temtems for breeding.

To breed Temtems, you need to pair two Temtems of the same type. If your Temtem has multiple types, like Nature and Melee, then that Temtem can breed with any Nature or Melee type Temtem.

Once a pair of Temtems have been deposited at the Breeding Center, it will take 25 minutes in real-time for them to produce an egg. If they are the same species of Temtem (in the same evolutionary set) then it will only take 15 minutes. You’ll need to travel to the Breeding Center and collect your Egg before more eggs can be produced — the center will only hold one egg per pair.

After removing the egg, it will eventually hatch as you play. It takes between 5 and 45 minutes for the egg to hatch.

  • Temtem Breeding – Quick Guide:
    • Deposit pairs of Temtems at the Breeding Center on Route 5.
    • Temtems of the same type can breed. Same species / evolutionary lines can breed faster.
    • It takes 25 minutes to produce an egg. 15 minutes if the Temtems are in the same evolutionary line.
    • It takes between 5-45 minutes for a Temtem egg to hatch.

Breeding Limitations – Fertility

Everything else so far is pretty similar to Pokémon, but here’s where it changes. Every Temtem has a Fertility Value — by default, all captured Temtems start at Fertility 8. Each time they breed, the Fertility Value will go down by 1. Both Temtems will always lose 1 Fertility Value when they breed.

  • NOTE: The child will always inherit the lower Fertility Value of the two parents — so if the two parents have a fertility value of 6 and 3 after breeding, the child will always inherit Fertility 3.

Basically, this means you’re limited by the amount of times your offspring can breed. Also, the best Temtems you can find in the wild may have a lower starting Fertility Value — depending on how many ‘good’ SVs (Single Values) the Temtem has. The better your Wild Temtem, the less you’ll be able to breed them.

Breeding Inheritance – What Your TemTems Pass On

There are 5 values that are passed on when you breed your Temtems; Fertility Value, Single Values (IVs), Techniques (Moves), Traits, and Luma (Shiny).

  • Fertility Value: The egg Temtem will always acquire the lowest Fertility Value from the parents after they have finished breeding.
    • Ex. The parents have a Fertility Value of 4 and 3 after breeding. The egg Temtem will always inherit Fertility 3.
  • Single Value: SVs are the IVs of Temtem — secret stats that are randomly generated when you capture or breed a Temtem. Egg Temtem have a chance to acquire either the higher of the two parents’ SVs, an average of the two, or the lower SV.
    • Higher Parent SV Inheritance: 40% Chance
    • Average Parent SV Inheritance: 40% Chance
    • Lower Parent SV Inheritance: 20% Chance
  • Techniques: Techniques are the Moves of Temtem — they’re attacks, buffs, heals, and more abilities you’ll use in combat. Every Species has unique Techniques it may learn from breeding that are unique — you won’t find Temtems with these techniques in the wild.

And finally, we have Traits. Traits aren’t normally inherited by Temtems, but certain specific items can guarantee that Temtems will be born with a specific trait. Otherwise, traits are assigned randomly.

The last inherited value is Luma — or Shiny. Luma Temtems have a unique color, and they’re guaranteed to have 3 Perfect Svs, or 3 Perfect stats. If you breed with a Luma Temtem, your chances of getting another Luma Temtem from an egg are increased exponentially.

  • Normal breeding has a 1-in-6000 chance of producing a Luma Temtem.
  • If one of the breeding parents is a Luma Temtem, chances of producing another Luma Temtem are increased to 1-in-600.
  • If both parents are Luma Temtem, your chances increase even more to 1-in-60.

Basically, if you want to improve your chances of earning Luma Temtems, you’ll want to breed Luma Temtems. It just makes sense to me.