Temtem: How To Train TVs | Farming Spots To Increase Your Stats Faster

TVs, or training values, are the Temtem equivalent to IVs. They’re stats that increase depending on which Temtem you battle — and with a solid plan, you can farm these TVs faster. The trick is just finding the right spots to hunt down Temtems that give you the stats you want. Every newly-captured Temtem, or newly hatched Temtem, starts with 0 TVs, so you’re free to enhance your Temtems however you want.

TVs can go all the way up to a maximum of 500. Depending on the Temtems you fight, you can increase TVs by +1, +2, or +3 — and you can purchase special Fruit on the second island for $500 that increase your TVs by +20. If you’re sitting on a mountain of gold, that’s one way to max out the stats you want the most.

TVs are associated with each of the seven stats — HP, STA, SPD, ATK, DEF, SPATK, and SPDEF. Depending on your Temtem, you’ll want to focus on maxing out specific stats — Temtems with lots of physical attacks will want to increase ATK, while Special Attack Temtems will want tons of SPATK. It seems complex, but it’s actually very simple — fight the Temtems listed below, increase your stats, and you’ll be able to beat any challenge.

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In Temtem, TVs (Training Values) are special stats that increase with each battle. Earning +1 / +2 / +3 TVs will increase your total TV count and positively affect the associated base stat. Each Temtem gives a different amount of TVs, and you will always earn TVs by defeating or capturing Temtems.

To grind TVs in the specific stats you want, you’ll need to find farming spots with the right Temtems — some areas have a high chance of spawning great Temtems that are perfect for farming. Below, I’ll explain where you need to look to find any type of Temtem that gives great TV values that you can constantly fight.


  • Sillaro River: On the small island on the southern end of the Sillaro River, right in the middle of the water.
    • Saipat: +3 HP


  • Prasine Coast: Find the small square of grass to the west of the double-docks, just above a much larger grassy area that spawns three different Tems.
    • Tateru: +2 STA


  • Kupeleleza: In the southern section of the area, you’ll find the following two Tems on any of the grass. Instead of just one spot, they’re found everywhere, so much easier to locate these two.
    • Mushi: +2 SPD
    • Zephyruff: +1 SPD


  • Anak Volcano: In a small grassy spot outside the volcano in the southwest, there are two Tems you can farm for ATK. It’s easier to do it outside the Volcano!
    • Magmis: +2 ATK
    • Mastione: +3 ATK


  • Mines of Mictlan: On the steppes in the eastern area of the mines, just to the right of the small green pond where you can farm for SPATK, listed below.
    • Lapinite: +2 DEF
    • Valash: +2 ATK, +2 SPATK
    • Azuroc: +3 DEF


  • Mines of Mictlan: The small green-water pond you’ll have to surf over in the eastern side of the mines, near the long steppes just to the east.
    • Platypet: +1 SPATK
    • Wiplump: +2 SPATK


  • Sillaro River: Northeast from the double-docks, on the opposite side of the coast, there’s an area you can land on that leads to a small grassy spot.
    • Fomu: +2 SPDEF