Temtem: Exactly How Rare Are Luma Temtems? | Shiny Guide

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Luma Temtems are special alternate-colored variants in the MMO creature-capturing game Temtem, These rare ‘Luma’ variants are exactly the same as their original forms, but with a few important upgrades — they have a new color scheme, they produce a glowing aura while walking around, and at least 3 of their SVs will be perfect.

Basically, if you manage to find a Luma Temtem, they’re guaranteed to at least be pretty good. And it’s possible to increase your chances with Luma Temtems too! Here, I’ll discuss how you can acquire Luma Temtem, how rare they really are, and why so many players are desperately chasing these low, low odds.

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Image Source: [1]

Luma Temtems are the Shiny Pokemon of Temtem. Just like Shiny Pok√©mon, they’re extremely rare and purely cosmetic. They’re never too bad — Luma Temtems are guaranteed to have at least 3 perfect SVs — but it’s very possible to find a standard Temtem with better stats. If you’re hunting Luma Temtems, just know it’s only worth it for the alternate color scheme.

Luma Temtems are found in the wild at an extremely rare rate. Currently, there are three ways to acquire Luma Temtems; catching in the Wild, hatching from an Egg, or trading.

  • Luma Temtems have a 1-in-6000 chance of appearing in the wild, or from a hatched egg.
    • Breeding with one Luma Temtem parent increases your chances of hatching a Luma Temtem from an egg to 1-in-600.
    • Breeding with two Luma Temtem parents increases your chances further to 1-in-60.

You’ll need to do a whole lot of farming to find a Luma Temtem — but you can also trade for them. Some players are willing to trade Luma Temtems for cash, so if you’re willing to save up lots of coins, you might find a player ready to trade away their Luma.

The developers have also promised another method for catching Luma Temtems in the future — a special end-game island where Luma Temtems aren’t quite so rare. This island doesn’t yet exist in the game, so we’ll just have to wait and see if there is an easier way to get Luma Temtems in the future.