Final Fantasy 7 Remake Exclusive Deal Gets Extended For Sony

For years fans have lifted Final Fantasy 7 high above other RPGs that have released over the years. Its story and gameplay was something that everyone seemingly enjoyed when the title launched on the PlayStation. However, since then there hasn’t been a remake and its a game that fans have pleaded for from Square Enix. 

We of course now know that the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 in a full remake this year. It’s something that fans really rejoiced about even if the game took quite a bit of time to develop. Despite this, much like the original release for the PlayStation, Sony console owners are going to get the first dibs in owning a copy of this game. Final Fantasy 7 is coming to the PlayStation 4 with an exclusivity deal.

Sony has the rights to the game for a year before its ready for other platform releases. Despite this, there were fans who were quick to make note of this. Unfortunately, Square Enix has recently confirmed that the upcoming remake was being delayed. It left some fans a bit disappointed but the delay was only a month difference so gamers are still going to relive Cloud Strife’s story later this year. In case, you didn’t already expect it, Final Fantasy 7 is also going to be delayed in terms of its exclusivity deal.

This delay pushed the exclusive deal from March 3, 2021, to now being April 10, 2021. As most likely have assumed, the exclusive deal was simply extended to abide by the one-year agreement with Sony. For now, the game development studio is currently, polishing Final Fantasy 7 in order to get it ready for release in the markets on April 20, 2020.

Source: IGN