Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Been Delayed

There was a lot of love for Final Fantasy VII the video game title that sparked a ton of new attention to the Final Fantasy franchise when it released for the original PlayStation console. However, as years went by fans have pleaded to the development studio Square Enix in hopes that they would go back to the IP and deliver a remake for the modern line of consoles. Years went by and Square Enix remained silent on the matter. That was until 2015 when the studio finally announced to the world a remake would be coming out for the PlayStation 4.

This was a joyous announcement as fans were finally going to get a chance to replay the beloved story through a major overhaul in visuals along with the game mechanics. We’ve been waiting for years now on its upcoming release and with the PlayStation 4 soon moving its way out for the successor console, the PlayStation 5, fans have been itching to get possibly one of the last main title for this generation console when it hit the market on March 3, 2020.

Unfortunately for fans that have been waiting, the Final Fantasy VII Remake was just delayed earlier today. Announced on Twitter from Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be pushed back on April 10, 2020, this is to allow the development studio to offer a bit more polish to the game. Delays are nothing new to the video game industry and most games end up getting hit with a delay or two during its development cycle. However, for a title that has been announced back in 2015, it’s likely quite a depressing announcement to see come across their social media feeds.

Regardless, the delay is just a few weeks so we’re sure that most players can cope with the idea of a small wait. The Final Fantasy fan base was not the only one to deal with some disappointing news today. There was also the announcement of Marvel’s Avengers being delayed for polishing as well.

Source: Twitter