Marvel’s Avengers Just Got Pushed Back To September

For those of you who were eager to see the Avengers assemble in the upcoming video game release, Marvel’s Avengers, it looks like you’ll bee waiting a bit longer than expected. Marvel’s Avengers has just been delayed according to the Crystal Dynamics blog post that alerted followers of its decision to hold onto the video game project just a few months longer.

This decision to hold the game back wasn’t something fully explained which is usually the case for any video game that gets delayed. From the official blog post, it seems that the development team would spend the extra time with the title in order for a little more fine-tuning and polish work before it’s ready for release so don’t expect a new local co-op mode to be announced. While it was originally slated to launch in May of this year, the new release date does push the game relatively close to the upcoming console launches from both Sony and Microsoft this holiday season.

Players interested in the game can find themselves picking up a copy on September 4, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia platforms. For those of you a little bit unfamiliar with the game itself, Marvel’s Avengers will follow a storyline in which an unexpected celebratory event reigns down destruction to innocent civilians that ultimately causes the Avengers to disband. Years go by and a new threat on the planet has our heroes once again teaming up in hopes of saving the day.

Source: Crystal Dynamics