Marvel’s Avengers Will Not Feature Local Cooperative Multiplayer

Marvel’s Avengers is an upcoming video game from Crystal Dynamics while being published by Square Enix. There is no stopping the Marvel brand and in 2020 we’ll get a chance to play as Earth’s mightiest heroes. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to play with a friend then you’ll be playing either online will have to opt-in playing alone. Today we’re finding out that Marvel’s Avengers will not feature an offline cooperative game mode. 

If you’re not familiar with the game, players take on the role of various heroes from the Marvel’s Avengers assemble. The game follows a tragic accident that ultimately leaves heroes to be outlawed which causes the Avengers to go their separate ways. A few years later a new pandemic occurs that causes the Avengers to once again team back up and save the day.

This game has been rather anticipated for 2020 and best of all, it looked like there will be a multiplayer component where gamers can go through the title cooperatively. Now the latest news is that those who want to play in a cooperative game mode will have to do it online only. 

During the New York Comic-Con, it was unveiled by Crystal Dynamics studio head, Scot Amos, that there wouldn’t be an option for local cooperative game mode. It seems that the development team had only included an online game mode for the title, but it does seem that the developers could potentially add a local co-op game mode at a later date. 

Currently, Marvel’s Avengers is set to launch on May 15, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia platforms. 

Source: Gamerant