Grand Theft Auto 4 Will Make A Return To Steam

It wasn’t very long ago that Grand Theft Auto 4 was removed from Steam. With no word as to why when the game was initially removed, most had suspected that other Rockstar Games would follow suit all because the studio had released its own PC client. This left plenty of concern for players interested in the game on Steam and enjoying the titles today, but we finally got the word not long after its removal of why Rockstar had pulled the title. It all had to do with the defunct Windows Live Service.

Best of all the game would be making a return labeled as Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition which would include Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. This game would also use your save data so you won’t have to worry about losing any progress you made in the campaign either which should be a relief for some gamers out there that are still making their way through the title.

While the game would make its way back to Steam, there are some components that would be left out. For instance, some of the radio stations would be removed, but the biggest feature being removed is the online multiplayer mode. Without leaderboards and a way to connect with friends, this is a big hit for the Grand Theft Auto 4 video game. It’s likely something that may take some gamers by surprise as well since the game was still being enjoyed online.

It looks like if you want to keep your online chaos going in the world of Grand Theft Auto then you’ll be forced to make a jump to Grand Theft Auto 5 which is still being updated regularly with new content and features.

Source: Steam