Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC – All Suit Upgrades Locations | Customization Guide

Suit Upgrades are some of the most valuable items you can get in Metro Exodus and in the Sam’s Story DLC. These permanent upgrade items allow you to customize your loadout and protection. You can carry more ammo, more consumables, or more munitions depending on your suit upgrade. You can select a variety of different masks; one that protects you from damage, while others make your gasmask more resistant to damage so you won’t have to fix it so much.

All of these upgrades are only located in a single spot, so if you miss them, they’re gone forever. Often, you’ll find suit upgrades in hidden room called Night Hunter stashes. These secret areas can only be accessed if you look around the environment very, very carefully. Often, you’ll need to hit secret switches or explore hidden alcoves. When you’re being hunted by mutants and bandits, that can get pretty tricky.

Here’s a full list of all the suit upgrade locations in Sam’s Story. For more DLC guides, check out all the Night Hunter Stash locations, all Sammy / Stallion weapon parts, and how to get the best ending.

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Suit Upgrades are permanent upgrades that can be swapped at any workbench once they’ve been collected. You can freely swap between upgrades, and each one offers a different bonus.

Night Vision Goggles: Located in the square two-story building in the water southeast of the Submarine. It’s a “?” on your map — the NVG is held by a zombie mutant at the end of the hideout. You can dock in the dark interior and explore the second floor.

Throwing Weapons Harness: Found in the NVG lair — the dark room in the square two-story flooding building, opposite the apartment tower where you’ll find the Captain. Enter the large second story room with the wooden bridge, and drop down to a hidden path below to find this upgrade.

Battery Upgrade: On the third floor of the apartment building where you’ll rescue the Captain from an army of mutants, you’ll find a workbench apartment connected to a balcony. The balcony is connected to a kitchen you can kick your way into. Inside the kitchen, smash the glassware on the shelf to the left to reveal a hidden compartment.

Reinforced Helmet: Found in the Captain’s back-up base, on the upper floor behind a locked door. Go into the apartment on the side, and look for a barricade made with a painting. Kick through to find the helmet upgrade.

Ammo Pouches: In the scout outpost in the southern section of the map. There’s are two raised rooms, where you’ll reach the first safe house and bed. Connected by bridge, enter the three-story building and go up to the top to find the scouts. They’ll show you around — and there’s an armor vest on the table.

Consumables Carrier: Found in a secret cache, in the Unfinished Construction Site bandit camp in the center of the southern map. Travel to the Construction Site and enter the first-floor building on the right. There’s a small office here with three switches. Flip the switches in this order — 3-1-2.

NVG Amplifier: Located in the back room of the large mutant lair, located southeast of the Scout Outpost. You can take a boat or follow the bridge to reach it.

Extended Filter: On a table, in the armory of the Fire Department. You’ll find them upstairs after acquiring the radiation suits.

Armored Glass: Found in the first workbench room of the Naval HQ — it’s in the same room where you see the Zap Spider intro cutscene.