Destiny 2: How To Unlock The Bastion Exotic Quest Item | Corridors Of Time Solution Guide

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The ‘Corridors of Time’ secret quest has finally been solved in Destiny 2, thanks to the endless efforts of streamers and the community on r/RaidSecrets. The quest took six days to solve, with players searching the Corridors of Time for the perfect sequence of portals leading to the final reward.

So, what is this quest exactly? If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s a secret quest available at Osiris. Talk, and you’ll begin a special quest called the ‘Corridors of Time’ — leading into an endless void with multiple portals marked by different symbols. For completing the quest, Guardians will earn the Chronometric Weapon Core — which, when delivered to Saint-14, will begin the Exotic Weapon Quest for the Bastion. It’s a pretty awesome secret, and one that’s well-worth all the time and effort put in by the community.

There are other secrets to this quest — including a load of Lore Cards and a hidden Emblem you can unlock. You’ll find all the alternate solutions on our Destiny 2: Corridors of Time symbol inputs list. There are a ton of them, and they’re all worth grabbing before actually completing this quest.

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To begin the hidden ‘Corridors of Time’ quest, travel to Osiris and talk to him. You’ll be able to gain access to a special area that’s very similar to the ST-14 mission from earlier in season. You’ll need to complete all of Osiris’s quests before you can begin this one.

To complete this quest, you need to follow a very specific path through the corridors. There are a lot of symbols, so you can follow along with our text symbol list, or you can use this image with all the symbols listed created by u/hparamore.

  • Corridors of Time – Quest Solution:
    • Clover, Diamond, Snake, Clover, Plus
    • Plus, Hex, Hex, Hex, Plus
    • Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond, Clover
    • Snake, Plus, Plus, Snake, Snake
    • Hex, Diamond, Clover, Plus, Diamond
    • Hex, Hex, Diamond, Plus, Diamond

Enter all thirty portals, and you’ll complete the quest. As a reward for completing this mission, you’ll earn a Chronometric Weapon Core. Take it to Saint-14 to begin the Bastion Exotic Quest!

The Bastion is an Exotic Fusion Rifle, and like a lot of the new Exotic Quests for this season, it isn’t too difficult to complete. The hardest part is just acquiring the Exotic Quest at all — but the Bastion quest will be available to everyone on Tuesday. No Corridors of Time step required.

Check here for a full guide explaining how to complete every step of the Bastion Exotic quest.

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