Destiny 2: Season of Dawn – How To Get The Devil’s Ruin Sidearm | Exotic Quest Guide

Get one of the easiest Exotics in Destiny 2 with this super-simple quest, the first available in the Season of Dawn. This is the first unique weapon available in Destiny 2 so far this year — previously, we covered how to get the Xenophage Machine Gun and three special Ritual Weapons — and those guns don’t compare to the straight-up simplicity of this quest. It might be the easiest Exotic to unlock in the game.

To begin the ‘A Moment In Time’ quest, you’ll need to own the Year 3 Season Pass to access the Season of Dawn content. This isn’t a free update unfortunately — that’s probably why this thing is so ridiculously easy to earn. I hate to belabor the point, but this gun is so simple to get, there’s no reason to miss it. I’ll explain how to grab it below.

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How To Get The Devil’s Ruin Sidearm | Exotic Quest Guide

To begin the ‘A Moment In Time’ quest, go to the Sundial — a new Season of Dawn activity — and complete a run. You can complete a Normal or Heroic, it doesn’t matter. Finishing a run will unlock the Devil’s Ruin quest item, and you can begin completing steps. Take the Exotic Quest Item from the reward pool, and you’ll be on your way.

  • ‘A Moment In Time’ Exotic Quest
    • Talk to Saint-14 in the Tower.
    • Travel to Twilight Gap (EDZ) and collect fragments.
    • Collect 10 robot fragments.
    • And that’s it!

The Twilight Gap map is accessible from a new quest marker in the EDZ. The map is completely empty — no enemies, just glowing robot bodies you can collect. Find all 10, and you’ll complete the quest.

Some of the robot fragments are tricky to find, so here’s a quest text guide explaining where to look.

  • Robot Fragment Locations:
    • Near the old steps where you spawn, sitting by a rock covered in snow.
    • To the right of the “4” of the Hangar 4 door.
    • Inside Hangar 3, look in one of the raised open cargo containers.
    • On the long platform jutting out from the structure near the spawn.
    • Enter the underground tunnel — the grey tunnels. You can find an entrance near the railgun.
    • On the metal walkway, look behind two stacked crates.
    • From the same metal walkway, go towards the structure and down the steps to find this robot part.
    • Under the large railgun prop facing the exterior of the map.
    • In the lower section of the interior, look for a room bathed in orange light. The robot is propped up on the lower level.
    • Next to a crate in the interior room right in the center of the map.

And that’s everything you need to know. No enemies to fight, just a game of hide-and-seek to complete. Will this quest lead to something more? I have no idea, but at least the Exotic gun is pretty cool.

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