Call of Duty: Mobile – Best Places To Land First | High-Tier Loot & Helicopters Locations

Whenever you drop into a Battle Royale match, your first choice is the most important — where do you land first? Every area is different, but some are genuinely better than others if you can survive. In Call of Duty: Mobile, the first frantic minutes of a match can change your lucky completely. If you’re aiming to find the best (and deadliest) landing zones, you can calculate the odds and select from our quick list below.

Battle Royale mode is a twist on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. With a remixed map and classes you can choose, it’s a unique variation on that game’s big new mode — and one with a lot of new features. The landing zones listed here have the same benefits as the ones in Blackout. The best spots to land have high-tier loot, helicopters, or both.

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Best Places To Land First | High-Tier Loot & Helicopters Locations

The best spots to land always have helicopters or high-tier loot. One of these locations has both! We’ll cover all the best locations to land to grab a chopper (or great loot) in the entries below.

  • NOTE: Areas marked in orange are high-tier loot zones.

So, why is it important to get a helicopter? Helicopters let you easily travel around the map, stay out of firefights, and relocate to the center of the circle. You can also fly to falling loot crates and grab them before anyone else. Getting a chopper is just a no-brainer.


One of the best places to land on the map. This area features 2 helicopters, high-tier loot at the start of a match, and a Skill Upgrade terminal. The choppers are located on the far north or far south edge of the area.

That’s everything you need right off the bat. This is also one of the most highly-trafficked early areas. If you want to get into a fight right away, this is the place to go. If you can survive, you’ll have a good headstart for the rest of the match.

Practice Range

This area is a low-traffic drop zone that doesn’t get that many players. But, there are two helicopters to grab and plenty of room to blast enemies. You’ll find choppers in the north and south sections of the Practice Range.

You’ll also find a Skill Upgrade Terminal just outside. It happens pretty often — like, almost every time. You’ll find good loot inside the training houses, too. It’s one quick trip around to loot lots of gear.

Launch Base

The hottest drop in the game! If you’re looking for instant action, land on Launch Base and mix it up with plenty of other players. There’s a helicopter to collect, too. If you’re ready to collect some kills, this is a great place to land. It makes for fast sessions too — if you die, you can just exit out and try again.

  • Every Named Location Where Helicopters Spawn
    • Nuketown
    • Farm
    • Docks (2 Choppers)
    • Sakura
    • Nuclear Plant
    • Killhouse
    • Practice Range (2 Choppers)
    • Countdown (2 Choppers)

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