Black Ops 4: Blackout – How To Find The Zombie Boss (& Get Rewards) | Easter Egg Guide

The developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — Treyarch — they love Easter eggs. They have an unhealthy obsession. They’ll jam little secrets into everything. They’ve included minigames in menus, secrets in multiplayer maps, and of course they binge on secrets in their Zombies mode maps. Well, now they’ve got a whole new game type to play around in, and the community has been searching for even more Easter eggs since the private Blackout beta launched.

All that searching produced a few awesome little secrets: you can find a bunker full of references in Nuketown, activate a secret song in Asylum, and now you can also find a grotesque boss monster. This big boy is from the IX map, and he drops some nice loot if you can manage to get him to appear. The real trick? Just don’t die! Keep scrolling to learn exactly how to make this big bad boy appear.

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How To Find The Zombie Boss (& Get Rewards) | Easter Egg Guide


The Zombie Boss appears during the “Blightfather” Special Event. The Special Event is going on now in the last 24 hours of the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta.

  • To encounter the Blightfather Event, look for the bright mystery box light. Normally, this light is blue — if the Zombie Boss has appeared, the light will turn red.
  • The mystery box light (and the Blightfather Event) will only happen in the graveyard near the Asylum. Just check your map, it’s unnamed but you can’t miss it from the sky.

The Blightfather is a gross, twisted monstrosity that walks on all fours — it shoots deadly spores from it’s back. That’s also the weak point. Aim for the slimy growth on its back to hurt it. It helps to bring a full team of four to take this monster out, because it takes a whole lot of hits to bring down.

Killing the Blightfather drops the following rewards.

  • Blightfather Loot Rewards:
    • Gold Paladin Sniper Rifle
    • Ray Gun
    • Lvl 3 Armor
    • Red Mystery Box (Unique) — Drops Armor, (NEW) Wraithfire Grenades, and the Galil