Call of Duty: Mobile – The Best Classes To Use In Solo Battle Royale | Final Circle Tips Guide

Your class is incredibly important in the new Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty: Mobile — and it’s even more important if you’re playing Solo. In Solo Mode, you won’t have backup in the form of teammates, leading to completely chaotic firefights and tense confrontations as the circle shrinks.

You’ve only got yourself to rely on, so your class is more important than ever. Picking the right class can make or break your game, and if you’re aiming to be the best, you just might want to pick two particular classes — the Clown, or the Ninja. Below, I’ll explain what makes these classes so devastating in solo, and why they’re well-worth a pick.

Battle Royale mode is very different than Blackout from Black Ops 4. The most obvious change is that you can now select classes — the classes work kind of like heroes from Apex Legends. Each class gets a special ability only they can use. It’s inherent to that class, so you’re stuck with it the entire game. Some of them are incredibly useful, and in Solo, the Clown and the Ninja reign supreme.

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Best Classes | Solo BR Guide

Two classes easily stand head-and-shoulders above the rest in Solo sessions of Battle Royale in Call of Duty: Mobile — the Clown and the Ninja.

Why You Should Use The Clown: The Clown can toss a special gadget that summons a group of zombies. In solo play, this is absolutely devastating when used against campers or anyone hiding inside buildings. The zombies will automatically chase and find any players they can reach.

Zombies can damage, but their real strength isn’t in actually killing enemies. It’s in flushing them out of hiding, and pulling their attention. Not only will enemies retreat out of cover, they’ll also (probably) start shooting at the zombies. That gives you plenty of time to swoop in for the kill.

If you’re fighting a clown, there are two strategies you need to know — it’s fine to run, but don’t focus on the zombies. Look for the player that’s waiting to ambush you instead. Or, you can be a Ninja. The Ninja is the Clown’s worst nightmare.

Why You Should Use The Ninja: The Ninja has access to the grappling hook. This gadget can’t kill enemies, and it can’t flush players out of cover. It can only do one thing — help you reach areas that are inaccessible to everyone else.

It’s insanely powerful. You can escape bad situations, zip up to sniping spots and pick off enemies from angles they’ll never expect, or just avoid zombies altogether. If you’re a Ninja in the final circle, perch yourself on top of a building and zombies will never reach you. They can’t climb!

This also makes the Ninja an unpredictable opponent. The trick is always to be find areas nobody will look. You only need that extra split-second to kill your adversary, so if you’re standing on the roof with silent movement, they’ll never see you coming.

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