Apex Legends: The Best Ways To Level Up Your Battle Pass | XP Guide

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Apex Legends: Season 2 is here, and it’s about time we caught up with the Battle Pass program. Like in Fortnite, purchasing the Battle Pass gives you access to a whole bunch of unlockable cosmetics you can use to improve your character. To get everything, you’ll need to play and complete challenges, earn Battle Pass XP, and do it all before the season is over.

You can get a quick overview of all the cosmetics available in Apex Legends: Season 2 right here — including new skins for Wattson, the latest legend to join the roster.

Thankfully, it isn’t just about completing challenges. Just playing Apex Legends is enough to unlock all the cosmetics! You’ll have to play a little every week, but it’s very possible to get everything, even if you aren’t the best player. The strongest strategy for farming Battle Pass XP is extremely simple, and I’ll explain everything you need to know below.

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The Best Ways To Level Up Your Battle Pass | XP Guide

To earn all the Battle Pass Season 2 rewards, you’re going to need to level up and earn lots of XP. Right now, there are a few ways to earn that XP — you can complete Daily / Weekly Challenges, or you can focus on just playing with friends.

Right now, playing with friends is the best, most efficient way to earn Battle Pass XP. You’ll earn an XP bonus for playing with two friends, and a survival bonus for playing with them — the longest you survive, the more XP you earn. Certain Daily / Weekly Challenges are all about being in the Top 5 players. You should always strive to be in the top 10, and you’ll continue to earn rewards as long as your team is alive. If you go down, if your teammates are still fighting, you’ll still earn XP.

  • The best way to earn XP in Apex Legends is maximizing your Survival Time XP Bonus + Friends XP Bonus.
    • Earn bonus Battle Pass XP for survival time — up to 25k XP per Legend, per week. The cap will increase weekly as the season continues.
    • Play with all Legends to earn 225k XP bonus per week. This is the max amount you can earn per week with Survival XP.
    • For each friend you play with, you’ll get a 2.5% Bonus XP boost to Survival XP.

You’ll also earn a +500 XP bonus for the first kill of the day. You can earn the +500 XP bonus on every Legend. So the best strategy to earn XP is very simple. You need to play with friends, switch to different Legends and earn the maximum amount of Survival XP.

Survival XP is insane — being the Kill Leader in a match gets you +50 XP. Getting a single kill for each character per days nets you over +5,000 XP per day. Being good at the game will help you earn XP, but it’s all about playing enough to reach that bonus XP caps.