Apex Legends: Best Weapon Combos We’ve Found (So Far) | Loadout Guide

Your first goal in any Battle Royale shooter is simple — find a gun. Your second goal? Find a really good gun. In Apex Legends, you’ll find pistols, shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. Basically, everything you’d expect, and these weapons vary in usefulness. To help you decide which weapons you’ll want to collect, I’ve written up several “loadout” selections. Essentially, these are great guns that go well together.

There are no terrible guns (ignoring the Mozambique for now) so any weapon might end up being your favorite. I recommend giving them all a try, but below I’ve listed some of the community’s favorite combos, and why they’re so handy. Some weapons, like the Wingman Revolver or the Peacemaker Shotgun might not seem so great at first — but give it some time, and you’ll learn how awesome these weapons really are.

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Best Weapon Combos We’ve Found (So Far)¬†| Loadout Guide

Let’s cut through the fat. These are the best and worst weapons you’ll want to scavenge. Some of these weapons are incredibly useful, and there are items break the rules of standard Battle Royale. Here’s what you’ll want to look out for — and what you’ll probably want to avoid completely.


Best Headshot Loadout: Wingman + G7 Scout

  • Wingman¬†(Revolver)
    • Standard Magazine: 6
    • Ammo Type: Heavy
  • G7 Scout (Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle)
    • Standard Magazine: 10
    • Ammo Type: Light

The Wingman is an all-timer revolver that crushes the competition when it comes to damage. Headshots do 90 damage, and pierce through helmets — look for the Extended Mag / Gold Scope to upgrade this sucker and you’ll outgun almost anything on the field.

Use the Wingman paired with the G7 Scout for easier close-combat kills and ranged headshots. If you’re a good shot, this combo is insane. You can also pair the Wingman with any Assault Rifle or LMG if you need to laydown some medium-ranged gunfire, then finish your opponents off with the Wingman.

Best All-Around Build For Any Situation: Peacekeeper + Hemlok Burst AR

  • Peacekeeper (Shotgun)
    • Standard Magazine: 6
    • Ammo Type: Shotgun
  • Hemlock Burst AR (Assault Rifle)
    • Standard Magazine: 18
    • Ammo Type: Heavy

Shotguns are extremely powerful in Apex Legends, and the all-around best, non-legendary shotgun is the Peacekeeper. It’s your standard shotgun, and features a much higher damage-per-shot ratio than the automatic shotgun. Find a Full Choke upgrade, and you’ll be more accurate and do insane damage.

The Hemlock Burst AR, meanwhile, is a handy 3-shot burst assault rifle that can accurately lay down deadly shots at far range when you’re not picking people off in close-quarters. This is an all-around great loadout to use — bring a shotgun and an assault rifle, and you’ll be able to handle most situations.

Best Light Build For Sprinting & Sniping: Prowler Burst PDW + G7 Scout

  • Prowler Burst PDW (SMG)
    • Standard Magazine: 20
    • Ammo Type: Heavy
  • G7 Scout (Sniper Rifle)
    • Standard Magazine: 10
    • Ammo Type: Light

If you want a more common close-range combat build with good ranged options, the Prowler pairs well with the G7 Scout. The Prowler is difficult to control, with a super-fast 5-round burst that does very good damage in close-quarters. The G7 is a semi-auto rifle that’s easy to control, and a perfect weapon for beginners once you’ve equipped a good scope.

Best Insane Damage Loadout: Mastiff + Kraber

  • Mastiff (Shotgun)
    • Standard Magazine: 4
    • Ammo Type: Limited – Can’t find more.
  • Kraber 50. Cal (Sniper Rifle)
    • Standard Magazine: 4
    • Ammo Type: Limited – Can’t find more.

The Mastiff + Kraber combo is for insane damage at any range. The Mastiff shotgun has a huge kick, but it can kill any enemy at close-range once you get the recoil under control. The Kraber is a one-shot kill rifle, and the king of weapons.

These weapons are exceedingly rare, and combining them is completely ridiculous — they’re totally impractical, because both guns only have special ‘limited’ ammo. You can’t reload these guns. Once you run out of bullets, you’ll have to swap to a new weapon.

Best Way To Keep Shooting: M600 Spitfire + Anything

  • M600 Spitfire (LMG)
    • Standard Magazine: 35
    • Ammo Type: Heavy

The best LMG can lay down plenty of deadly fire on enemies. Great for suppressing heavy opponents and keeping sustained, accurate fire. It’s a great gun for beginners too — not too much recoil, so you can stay on target. Add a few upgrades, like a bigger magazine, and you’ll be able to down just about anyone at a good range. Just don’t expect to win in a shotgun trade-off.

Worst Weapon: Mozambique

The Mozambique is a 3-shot shotgun / pistol. It’s not as good as any standard shotgun, and it isn’t as good as other pistols thanks to a tiny magazine size. Basically, the Mozambique is an annoying weapon that nobody wants. It isn’t exactly useless, but the community has spoken — the Mozambique is the crappy weapon you find when you’re on a bad run of luck. If you’re carrying this weapon, expect to die swiftly.

We’re always looking for more strong weapon loadouts! Check back soon — we’ll add more entries as we gain even more experience playing this massive online shooter.