Apex Legends: The Best Legends & Ultimate Combos | Team Synergy Guide

Apex Legends adds something that other Battle Royale shooters have been missing so far — characters. When you first boot up the game on PC or console, you’ll have six characters to choose from, and two more that can be unlocked with premium currency — or a whole lot of in-game grinding. Each character has three powers, and these special abilities can be combined in your three-person teams for some crazy strategies.

Some characters can create temporary portals, others can build zip-lines your entire team can use, while others drop airstrikes or toxic gas traps. There are lots of abilities, and learning how to combine them with your teammates — that’s called synergy. Learning how to synergize with your team will help you totally crush the competition and become a champion. Here are the best team combos and synergies I’ve found so far, and you better bet I’ll keep looking for more as I dig deeper into this polished Battle Royale upgrade.

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The Best Legends & Ultimate Combos | Team Synergy Guide

Team Synergies are all about combining characters in unique, interesting, or tactically-awesome ways. Some of these synergies are absolutely insane, and some are just for fun. Here are all the synergies we’ve picked up so far.


Smoke & Sight Team: Bloodhound + Bangalore

  • Alternate: Bloodhound + Bangalore + Wraith (Add a portal to quickly send Bloodhound into action.)

Bangalore’s ability to launch a Smoke Grenade is one of the most powerful in the game. Combine that tactical with Bloodhound’s abilities to see through smoke, and you’ve got the ability to wipe entire teams single-handedly in the palm of your hands. This is an incredibly useful duo, and one of the best in the game. If you’re struggling, I recommend giving this team a try.

S-Tier Super Team: Lifeline + Anyone

  • Alternate: Lifeline + Gibraltar + Bangalore (S+ Classic Team Synergy)
    • One of the best, basic teams. Gain Combat Advantages (Shield + Smoke), Healing, and TWO Airstrikes

Lifeline is the clear MVP of Apex Legends. While they don’t have any offensive special abilities, their Passive is very useful, the Tactical is insanely helpful, and the Ultimate is maybe the best in the entire game. If you want to stay in the fight for a long time, put Lifeline on any team, paired with any two players. They’re one of the best, and a great pick for players still learning how to play. You can be useful even if you can’t shoot straight.

Shield & Stealth Team: Gibraltar + Wraith

  • Alternate: Wraith + Mirage (Use Mirage Ultimate to retreat, and Mirage to jump straight back in.)

Gibraltar and Wraith can team up to outflank and outmaneuver enemy teams while soaking up plenty of damage. One of the best tricks this team can pull off is with Gibraltar’s Tactical and Wraith’s Ultimate — if you’re in a bad situation, drop the Bubble Shield, then unleash Wraith’s portal. Create a portal in the shield, and pop out somewhere else — your whole team can escape, then flank the enemy while they’re busy focusing on the shield.

That’s just a few combos and team synergies I’ve experimented with so far. We’ll add more powerful team combos as we play more!