Apex Legends: All The Legendary Hero Skins Available (So Far) | Cosmetics Gallery

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Unlock other Battle Royale shooters currently available, Apex Legends includes eight hero characters you can choose from. Each hero can unleash special abilities that are totally unique to them, adding a quippy Overwatch flavor to the genre. Like Blizzard’s seminal hero shooter, you can unlock new costumes for each of Apex Legends’ characters. And we’re going to share the legendary skins with you.

Every character comes with a huge selection of skins, but it’s the Legendary Skins that matter the most. Those are the unique outfits that completely change your character’s model. There are two alternate “costumes” for each character, with two skin variants each. These Legendary Skins can be unlocked in two different ways — you can randomly get them as a loot box drop, or spend 12,000 Crafting Metal.

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All The Legendary Hero Skins Available (So Far) | Cosmetics Gallery


All of the Legendary Skins are available to checkout in the gallery above — or scroll down for all 32 costumes, organized by character. It’s worth noting that Legendary Skins are extremely rare. There’s a 7.4% chance that any Legendary item at all will drop when opening an Apex Pack. But, Apex Packs have a guaranteed Legendary drop for every 30 Apex Packs you open without a Legendary.