The Division 2: How To Unlock The Dodge City Gunslinger | Exotic Holster Guide

The first exotic armor piece has arrived in The Division 2, and it gives your sidearm a whole lot more utility. Most of the time, sidearms are weapons you’ll only use because you ran out of ammo with your primary weapons. The Exotic Holster, called the ‘Dodge City Gunslinger’ gives you a variety of sidearm bonuses that are even better if you’re using one of the magnum revolvers.

Unlocking it is a convoluted process that begins at the White House Base of Operations. You’ll need to collect five components, and each one involves fighting (or finding) western themed enemies. You’ll have to take out cowboy hat wearing desperadoes in multiple CPs, and face off against a Black Tusk duelist in a real bar fight. Learn how to complete all the steps in the full guide below.

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How To Unlock The Dodge City Gunslinger | Exotic Holster Guide

To unlock the first Exotic armor piece in The Division 2, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

Step #1: Visit The Blueprints Vendor – Go to the White House Base of Operations and purchase the Dodge City Gunslinger project. You’ll need a variety of parts.

Step #2: Get The ‘Fast Leather Belt’ – Capture the Riverside Gas Station CP in the far western edge of the map. Open the reward cache chest to get the first component. Turn it in, and you’ll get your next step.

Step #3: Clear Three Alert Level 4 CPs – To get the next three components, you’ll need to clear Control Points from each of the three main factions at Alert Level 4. If you take over an Alert Level 4 CP, a named character will appear wearing a cowboy hat. If you clear the CP when this character spawns, you’ll get the item you need.

  • Hyena Faction Alert Level 4 CP: Ornate Leather Holster
  • Outcast Faction Alert Level 4 CP: Oiled Hammer Guards
  • True Sons Faction Alert Level 4 CP: Inverted Leather Holster

Turn these components in to unlock the last stage of the project.

Step #4: Duel At High Noon – For the final objective, you’ll be sent to a bar northeast of the White House Base of Operations — it’s where you’ll likely find one of your first Echos. The location appears on the project objective list.

Go to the location after 12:00 noon in-game. You can check the in-game clock in Photo Mode. You can arrive pretty late, just don’t be too late — and don’t go there early! He’ll only spawn if you arrive after 12:00.

When you arrive at the right location at the right time, Black Tusk soldiers will be waiting for you. Clear them all out, and the named boss will drop the final component you need. Return the holster, and you’ll unlock the exotic.

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