The Division 2: Classified Assignments Bond Armory – Where To Find All Collectibles & Backpack Trophy

Classified Assignments have dropped into the ruined world of The Division 2. If you’re a Year Pass holder, you can play the first of these bonus missions — Bond Bank. You can only play once every other day, and each Classified Assignment includes special rewards like bonus collectibles and a hidden Backpack Trophy.

If you want to get everything you can out of this mission, then we’ve got all the locations. There are multiple secret rooms, extra loot, and a whole lot of easy XP to earn. After completing the mission, there’s a timer that locks you out of the mission temporarily, meaning you can’t farm these missions — so if you don’t want to miss out on any of the extra items, we’ve got all the locations listed below.

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Bond Armory – Where To Find All Collectibles & Backpack Trophy


The first Classified Mission is called ‘Bond Bank’ — you’ll find it north of the White House Base of Operations. Just follow the pointers into the alley to find the hidden entrance. The area is packed with Hyenas, the first major enemy faction of the game, but it is very doable at any level.

When you exit the stage, you’ll find a mission complete screen with a breakdown of the collectibles / backpack trophy you might’ve missed. Because the Classified Mission is on a timer, you won’t be able to replay the mission temporarily after completing it. Instead, try clearing out the mission and entering the secret rooms described below.

Collectible #1: In the first combat room (two story lobby), go to the bottom floor and check the room in the back-right corner.

Backpack Trophy: Hotdog – The backpack trophy is located in a locked room, on the second floor of the first combat area — in the upper back-right corner from the entrance. To get inside, find the ‘Administration’ door, and follow the yellow line. It leads you down to the front of the ‘Security’ room near the stairs leading to the vault. Shoot the yellow box to unlock the door, then you can return and loot the contents.

Collectible #2: After completing the lobby, go through the first airlock, then open the optional door to the security room at the top of the stairs. There are several loot containers and a collectible.

Collectible #3: In the second combat area (vault) where you need to destroy four caches, look just to the right as you enter. There’s a gate with a lock. Shoot the lock off to get inside. Again, you’ll find several containers and a collectible.

Collectible #4: In the final combat area (offices) with the communications equipment, go to the back-left corner. There’s a locked office here. Shoot the yellow box to the left of the door to unlock it. There’s one more secret room full of loot and the last collectible.

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