Pokemon GO: Bug Out! – Here’s How To Get A Shiny Scyther & More Rare Pokemon | Event Guide

The Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event has officially landed. The special limited event will cause more Bug type Pokémon to spawn. Not only that, but Incense also lasts twice as long, while causing even more Pokémon to appear. It’s a Bug type lover’s dream come true — and even better, there’s an ultra rare Shiny Scyther just waiting for eager trainers to catch.

You can find a complete rundown of the Bug Out! Event right here, but it’s pretty straightforward. The event is on-going until April 9th, 1:00 PM PDT. Here, we’re just going to focus on capturing that Scyther.

There’s a lot of strange stuff floating around in Pokémon GO lately — photo-bombing Smeagles, Sinnoh Stones, and way more. For a list of weird, hidden stuff in the game check out the updated Pokémon GO Easter egg guide.

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How To Get A Shiny Scyther & More Rare Pokemon Guide

There isn’t just a Shiny Scyther, there’s also a Shiny Scizor. There are variants for both, and they’re dropping at a much higher rate than normal between April 2nd and April 9th — during the Bug Out! Event.

During the event, you’ll also be able to earn two extremely rare Pokémon through Research Tasks. Do these tasks first to unlock these Pokémon, even if there’s only a small chance you’ll earn a Shiny Scyther. It’s good to just fill out your collection.

  • Priority Research Tasks [Bug Out! Event]
    • Get Scyther – Catch 10 Bug type Pokémon. [Research Task]
    • Get Nincada – Evolve 3 Bug type Pokémon [Research Task]

While you can’t easily catch them, there’s a third extremely rare Pokémon type that’s more common during this event — Pineco. To improve your chances, use Incense and walk outside — specifically, in grass, but you’ll find Grass Types in any and all biomes.

As of right now, Silph Road researchers believe that Shiny Scyther spawns at a rate of 1/450. You’re going to need good odds, or catch a whole lot of Scythers, to hopefully get this ultra rare (new!) shiny. At least there are plenty of other awesome Bug types to catch while you’re hunting.

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