Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

As if Raccoon City wasn’t deadly enough, there are a ton of insanely difficult challenges waiting for hardcore players returning to Resident Evil 2. In this top-to-bottom remake, you’ll play through a remixed version of the original PS1 Classic, with new controls, new puzzles, and new mechanics aplenty. Thankfully, this is a short game — half the fun is mastering every aspect of the game world, learning the ins-and-outs, and speedrunning through the campaigns in record time.

And there are achievements / trophies challenging you to do just that. To earn 100% completion, you’ll need to complete ridiculous tasks, like finishing the game without using any healing items, or without using the item box once. Then there are the collectibles — locked safes, inventory upgrades, weapon customization, notes, Mr. Raccoons and more.

We’ve got all of that covered in our full 100% completion guide. Just scroll down to learn all about, well, everything.

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How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

This is an 100% achievement / trophy guide. Here, you’ll find links, video, and explanations for every achievement / trophy in the game. There are a lot of them, and unlocking them all will require multiple playthroughs. The game is short, and if you’re a speedrunner, you’ll be able to complete any of the scenarios in 2-3 hours.

  • Raccoon City Native
    Obtain all trophies.

Story Achievements / Trophies – Can’t Be Missed

The following achievements / trophies will unlock automatically as you complete the main story. Just complete Leon A -> Claire B (Second Run) and you’re guaranteed to earn the following achievements / trophies.

  • A Hero Emerges
    Complete Leon’s story.
  • A Heroine Emerges
    Complete Claire’s story.
  • Welcome to the City of the Dead 
    Make it to the police station.
  • Path to the Goddess
    Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.
  • Never-Ending Rain
    Escape the police station.
  • Hack Complete
    Complete Ada’s segment.
  • Hide and Seek
    Complete Sherry’s segment.
  • A Great Need for a Shower
    Escape from the sewers.
  • Broken Umbrella
    Witness the true ending.

The true ending will unlock when you complete the [Second Run] campaign, which unlocks after completing your first playthrough. The [Second Run] campaign is slightly different, with harder puzzles and some different key item locations.

Basic First Run Achievements / Trophies

  • The Basics of Survival
    Combine two items together.

Combining Red+Green herbs is a basic survival technique you’ll need to become familiar with to survive in RE2. You’ll also combine items to solve puzzles, so this can’t be missed.

  • Hip to Add Squares
    Increase your inventory slots.

Hip Pouches give you +2 new inventory slots. There are six Hip Pouch upgrades total. Scroll down to the collectibles section for a complete list of all the locations.

  • Customizer 
    Customize a weapon.

To customize a weapon, you’ll need to find a weapon upgrade and combine it with the correct weapon. There are lots of weapon upgrades, so you’re bound to stumble on a few of them.

For an easy upgrade location, open the Dial Locks in [F1 West Office] — there’s an upgrade for Claire and Leon there. To open the locks, input [NED] and [MRG].

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Weapon Upgrade Locations | Gun Parts Guide

  • Eat This! 
    Counterattack with a sub-weapon.

If you have a sub-weapon equipped, you can avoid damage by pressing [L1 / LB] right before an enemy’s attack. If you have a Combat Knife, Grenade, or Flash Grenade in your inventory, you’ll be able to pull this move off.

  • That’ll Hold ‘Em 
    Use Wooden Boards to board up a window.

Wooden Boards are a special item that can be used on open windows in the Police Station. Boarding up a window will permanently block off incoming zombies. There’s a wooden board you can collect and use right next to the [F1 Dark Room].

  • A Vault-like Mind
    Open a portable safe.

Portable Safes are special items you can find in the Police Station. There are two portable safes in Leon’s A-Scenario. One is located in the [F2 Locker Room] outside the showers, and the other is in the [F2 Linen Room], which you’ll only be able to access on your second visit.

To open a safe, you just have to guess — press buttons until you figure out the correct order. Each Portable Safe contains a Spare Part that you can place on the Safety Deposit Room terminal.

  • First Break-In
    Open a dial safe.

There are three dial safes in the game. One is located right at the start, in the small room in [F1 West Office]. To open it, input the code [9-15-7]. You’ll get a Hip Pouch and unlock this achievement / trophy.

Leon Only Challenge Achievements / Trophies

The following achievements / trophies are only available to unlock when playing Leon’s scenario.

  • One Slick Super-Spy
    Use only the EMF Visualizer to complete Ada’s gameplay segment.

When playing as Ada, only use her EMF Visualizer device to solve puzzles. Avoid zombies — and don’t fire you pistol even once. You’re very limited on ammo, so it’s better to avoid zombies anyway.

  • In the Blink of an Eye
    Defeat Super Tyrant with 5+ minutes left until detonation.

Target the Super Tyrant’s heart with everything you’ve got. Once you reach the elevator platform, the real fight will begin — you’ll have about 7-8~ minutes on the timer. Just keep shooting, preferably with Magnum or Shotgun rounds, until Ada throws Leon the Rocket Launcher. Use the Rocket Launcher and the battle is over. I recommend doing this on Normal / Assisted difficulty.

Claire Only Challenge Achievements / Trophies

  • Young Escapee
    Escape the bedroom within 60 seconds during Sherry’s segment.

To escape the bedroom, you need to collect the stuffed doll, collect the puzzle piece, solve the puzzle, and cut open the cardboard wall all within 60 seconds. The trickiest part is solving the little puzzle.

Use this solution so these symbols are showing on the front faces: Circle/Square, Square/Star, Star/Square, and Square/Star.

  • With Time to Spare
    Defeat Stage 4 G with 4+ minutes left until detonation.

This challenge is a little harder than Leon’s. I really recommend only attempting this on Normal / Assisted difficulty. The trick is — only shoot the eyes. Don’t shoot Birkin anywhere else. Aim for the eyes in the middle of his chest, and unleash the Minigun until you run out of ammo. Swap to the SMG, then use the Grenade Launcher with Acid Rounds to finish him off.

Leon & Claire Challenge Achievements / Trophies

  • Gotcha!
    Defeat Stage 2 G using the crane only once.

To bring down G in only a single crane swing, you’ll need to severely weaken the boss. Knock him down to one knee about 4 times before using the crane on him. Normally, you only need to knock him down twice to complete the boss fight.

  • Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gun
    Defeat an enemy with a knife.

Surprisingly, the easiest enemy to defeat with a knife is the Licker. Walk (instead of run) toward a Licker that hasn’t been alerted, and circle around to the monster’s back. Then just start knifing it — it goes down in about 6-8 knife swings.

  • Bon Appétit 
    Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy.

To “feed” a grenade to a zombie, equip the Grenade sub-weapon and get attacked. Counterattack, and you’ll stick the grenade into the zombie’s mouth. Now, just back away and shoot the grenade to unlock this challenge.

  • Zombie Roundup
    Kill 3 enemies at once with a sub-weapon.

The grenade sub-weapon is the only one that can kill multiple zombies. One of the easiest ways to ensure three kills is with Claire — shoot a cluster of three zombies with an Acid Round, then finish them off with the grenade.

  • Like Skeet Shooting
    Shoot a zombie dog or a licker out of the air.

This is easiest to earn in Claire’s scenario, when she’s heading toward the orphanage. Equip the SMG, and encounter the many, many dogs on the city streets. Wait for one to pounce, and shoot it out of the sky.

  • Keep Their Heads Ringin’ 
    Paralyze a licker’s sense of hearing.

Very simple — just drop a Flash Grenade near a Licker to stun it.

  • Hats Off! 
    Shoot Tyrant’s hat off his head.

If you knock down the Tyrant even once, you’ll knock his hat off. Especially if you’re aiming for his head — which is his only vulnerable spot.

Collectibles Locations Achievements / Trophies

  • Vermin Extermination 
    Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.
  • Complete Vermin Extermination
    Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.

There are 15 Mr. Racoon collectibles in RE2. To find them all, follow this link for our complete locations guide.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Mr. Raccoons Locations | Collectibles Guide

  • Treasure Hunter 
    Using the photo hints, find 2 hidden items.

In the Sewers [Work Room], you’ll find a special Film Roll. Return to the RPD and develop it in the [Dark Room]. You’ll get two photos — go to the locations in the photos to get a weapon upgrade and a stack of ammo. The two locations are: [2F STARS Office, Wesker’s Desk], and [1F Press Room, Left Table]

  • A Waist of Space
    Expand inventory slots to max.

There are 6 Hip Pouch inventory upgrades available to collect. Follow the link below for a complete locations guide.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Pouch Locations | Inventory Expansion Guide

  • Lore Explorer
    Read all of the files.

You’ll be able to find 58 files, notes, and documents in RE2. Some only appear in Leon / Claire’s individual scenarios, and some only appear in the [Second Run] mode. Check the link below for a complete list of all locations.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Notes Locations | File Collectibles Guide

  • Master of Unlocking 
    Open all of the safes and locks in the game.

There are multiple safes and locks in RE2. For all the solutions and locations, check the link below.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

Full Run Achievements / Trophies

  • Hardcore Rookie
    Complete Leon’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.
  • Hardcore College Student
    Complete Claire’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.

Hardcore Mode is the hardest difficulty available, and makes the game much tougher. You’ll have less ammo, take more damage, and need to scavenge Ink Ribbons to save your game. There are no checkpoints either, so death will send you back to your previous save file. Easiest to complete the standard first run A-Scenario — after completing the “True Ending”, you should be prepared to handle Hardcore.

  • Leon “S.” Kennedy
    Complete Leon’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.
  • Sizzling Scarlet Hero
    Complete Claire’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.

To earn an S rank, you need to complete the game fast. Very fast. I recommend playing on Standard, Scenario A for the easiest possible S-Rank completion. You can get S+ Rank, but that isn’t required here. We’re just hunting for S ranks.

To get S-Rank on Standard Difficulty, A-Scenario: Complete the game in under 3 hours, 30 minutes. To do that, you’ll need to take a completely optimized path through the game. If you need to refer to a guide, pause the game — the timer will also pause.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Earn S+ Rank | Tips & Tricks Guide

  • Frugalist 
    Complete the game without using a recovery item.

After beating the game a few times, you’ll be prepared for this challenge. Just don’t use any recovery items, save often, and play in Assist Mode. You’ll probably want to kill (almost) every enemy you see. It also helps to move slowly and only walk around. Zombies / Lickers / Mr. X won’t aggro on you if you simply walk instead of sprinting.

  • Minimalist
    Clear the game without opening the item box.

Again, you’ll want to drop down to the Assisted Difficulty setting. This isn’t exactly hard — just extremely tedious. Grab all the Hip Pouches to make life easier, and remember what every key item / puzzle item is for. Don’t collect puzzles / key items until you absolutely need them, and avoiding picking up junk like boards.

  • A Small Carbon Footprint
    Take 14000 steps or fewer in one playthrough.

Not very many steps at all. To earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll need to ONLY collect the key items, and only backtrack when you absolutely have to. You can track your steps in the lower-right corner of the pause menu screen. Avoid backtracking for updates / extra items, and only follow the most straightforward path through each level. Again, play in Assisted Difficulty, walk, and shoot Mr. X every time he appears.

Extra Mode Achievements / Trophies

  • Grim Reaper 
    Complete “The 4th Survivor” extra mode.

This special mode unlocks after completing the True Ending. In this mode, you play as “HUNK”, an Umbrella Agent with plenty of items, but you won’t be able to restock as you explore the map. You’ll have to travel from the Sewers all the way up to the front gates of the RPD building. It’s a long, long trek — refer to our full guide below for step-by-step instructions.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Beat Fourth Survivor Mode | ‘Grim Reaper’ Guide

That’s all the achievements / trophies. We’ll continue to add more to this guide in the future. Until then, good luck surviving the undead apocalypse in Raccoon City!