Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Beat Fourth Survivor Mode | ‘Grim Reaper’ Guide

Complete one of the toughest challenges in Resident Evil 2 remake with our complete tips guide, showing you how to beat the ‘Fourth Survivor’ mode with step-by-step instructions. After earning the ‘True’ ending and beating the final boss, you’ll unlock this special mode. Instead of Leon or Claire, you’ll control Hunk, an Umbrella soldier that must fight through the invested Police Station to escape.

What makes this mode so difficult is your limited supply of weapons. You won’t find extra ammo or healing items in this mode. Everything in your inventory? That’s it. That’s everything you’ll ever find, and if you use it all, you’re screwed. Instead of fighting through every threat, you’ll have to learn which enemies to avoid, and which enemies you absolutely have to waste ammo on. It’s really, really tricky.

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How To Beat The Fourth Survivor Mode | ‘Grim Reaper’ Guide

In Fourth Survivor Mode, you play as Hunk. The weapons and items in your inventory are the only weapons you’ll have available for the entire run. You won’t be able to find more items, so you must use every bullet and herb wisely.

Starting from the Sewers, you must make your way up to the Police Station and find an exit. You won’t pick up any items on the way — the path is 100% linear. You just have to survive. The trick is to avoid wasting ammo, and learn which enemies you can avoid without firing a shot.

  • Step-by-Step Guide
    • If you can’t dodge incoming zombies, shoot them in the head and run by. A well-placed headshot will temporarily stun a zombie, giving you time to run by.
      • If they don’t stagger, shoot them twice. Make sure to wait for a zombie to stagger before running by.
    • Run past the zombies / dogs in the Sewers Control Room. Ignore them!
    • Don’t waste grenades / flashbangs defending yourself from bites. Save them for much later!
    • Eat the Red / Blue herb early — especially in the Water Treatment Room. It will give you several minutes of enhanced damage protection. You’ll take less damage from attacks!
    • Use the Shotgun to shoot your way through the first tight cluster of zombies. Even gut / leg shots will make it easier to run by.
    • When you encounter the G-Leaches, just run by them. Don’t fight them. If you used the Red / Blue Herb combo, you’ll have poison protection — even if they attack you, just keep running.
    • Use the Shotgun to shoot through the lowest floor of the Underground Facility. You just need to reach the stairs.
    • Use the Magnum to kill the Licker that appears in the long-hallway in the Underground Facility.
      • Sprint right past the rest of the zombies in the Underground Facility. You’ll have time while they’re slowly standing up.
  • ¬†When you reach the Parking Garage, just lure the huge throng of zombies away, and circle around to the exit door. You’re about halfway to the end now.
    • In the B1 Hallway, a Licker will strike. Equip and use the Combat Knife to stab it when it tries to pounce. You’ll lose the knife, but you’ll be able to run past it while the Licker is stunned.
    • Upstairs, you’ll enter the Police Station. The Tyrant will appear — run past it, or stun it with a Magnum shot to the head, and then run past it.
    • Shotgun through the East Office and enter the Main Hall. Enter the West Office, and go for the stairs near the Dark Room.
      • There’s only one zombie you need to shoot through in the West Office.
    • Upstairs, the Tyrant will reappear. Drop a Flash Grenade to stun all the zombies and the Tyrant, and run by them all.
    • In the hallway, you’ll find plant zombies. Shoot them each once with the shotgun — that’s enough to stun them.
    • Shoot through the zombie that bursts through the Library door, and sprint by the rest. Ignore the dog, and enter the Waiting Room. Three more zombies will burst through this door. Shotgun through them!
    • Run up north towards the stairs to reach the third floor. Shoot the Licker with your Magnum on the way — kill it!
    • Use a Flash Grenade to get by the G-Leach on the third floor balcony, and drop down the ladder. There are Lickers below — go back into the helicopter crash hallway to reach the Fire Escape door.
    • Downstairs, use your last Grenades and Flash Grenades to break through the G-Leach and zombie crowd. Once you escape the zombies in the underground walkway, you’re home free.

Upstairs, you’ll reach the gate to the RPD building. Leave through that gate, and you’ll earn the ‘Grim Reaper’ achievement / trophy. It takes some practice, but this is a fun mode. You’ll escape with a few items still in your inventory.