Red Dead Online: All Gang Hideouts Locations | Treasure Maps Drop Guide

Gang Hideouts, or as we like to call them, Bandit Camps, are simple activities you just might stumble into while free roaming around in Red Dead Online. They’re a simple and fruitful activity you can take on alone or with a posse. Gang Hideouts are locations where you’ll find an enemy gang, and getting into a shootout won’t hurt your morality. These are bad hombres, so you’re free to fight it out and loot the camp for supplies and cash.

There are two huge benefits for clearing out bandit camps — you’ll get 150~ XP for finishing them, and there’s a chance the bandit leader in the camp will drop a treasure map. These valuable maps point to locations with hidden lockboxes, and those lockboxes contain more than cash. You might also get super-valuable gold bar fragments. Get enough fragments, and you’ll earn yourself a complete gold bar, which you can use to unlock tons of items early.

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All Gang Hideouts Locations | Treasure Maps Farming Guide

Bandit Camps / Gang Hideouts aren’t just an awesome way to earn easy XP in the Free Roam map, you can also hunt down rare Treasure Maps. Maps will drop from Bandit Leaders at the center of each Hideout. Treasure Maps point to random locations where a treasure lockbox will spawn. The lockbox contains treasures you can fence, money, and even fractions of a Gold Bar.

NOTE: To spot a lockbox in a treasure hunt zone, press [R3 + L3] to activate your special vision mode.

A quick and (very) dirty map showing all the bandit camp sites we’ve found so far.

Hideouts will respawn, too. So you can travel around the map and hit each one in order to farm for treasure maps. With a full posse, you’ll be safer — and can clear the camps faster.

  • Gang Hideout Locations – Named Locations, East To West:
    • Willard’s Rest
    • Mossy Flats
    • Kamassa River
    • Lakay
    • West Bayou
    • Shady Belle
    • Radley’s Pasture
    • The Loft
    • Bacchus Station
    • Six Point Cabin
    • Colter
    • Ewing Basin
    • Grizzlies Mining
    • Hanging Dog Ranch
    • Cumberland Falls
    • Fort Riggs
    • Quaker’s Cove
    • Bear Claw
    • San Luis River NE
    • Pike’s Basin
    • Twin Rocks
    • Fort Mercer
    • Solomon’s Folly
    • Gaptooth Breach

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