Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find A Fairytale Hill House | Easter Egg Guide

The hills are alive with the sound of Easter eggs! There are secrets all over the massive map, and with enough searching you can find a pristine fantasy house in the northern hills of Red Dead Redemption 2. The secret point-of-interest is accessible once you reach Chapter 2, but it’s pretty well hidden. You’ll need to explore pretty thoroughly… or just scroll down and check out the map location below.

The Hobbit-like Hill House is a mystery to my feeble brain. The house is built into a grassy hill, there’s a nice front door laid into the dirt, and a charming window poking up out of the grass. There’s even a tiny bear sitting nearby that won’t attack you. Is it the “just right” sized bear from Goldilocks? I have no idea. It’s a worthwhile visit, and we’re hoping there are many more Easter eggs hidden in the Wild West. Maybe this is just the beginning.

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Where To Find A Fairytale Hill House | Easter Egg Guide

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To find the Mysterious Hill House, travel to the northern Grizzlies region — the area is accessible from Chapter 2. Travel northeast from Bacchus Bridge until you locate the unique Point-Of-Interest. On the map, it’s called the “Mysterious Hill House“, but we all know it’s a pretty unique recreation of a fantasy homestead. It looks almost like a Hobbit House from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series — but the tiny bear outfront points to something different.

  • NOTE: To completely 100% the “Point-of-Interest” collectible list, hold [Triangle / Y] to examine the house!

To be more accurate, the house looks similar to the homes in Hobbiton, the homeland of the Hobbits — the short, furry-footed fantasy creatures that are the primary protagonists of the Lord of the Rings film series, based on the books. The Hobbit houses are built into rolling hills, with grass rooftops and windows sticking out of the earth. That’s what makes them special — but this probably isn’t actually a reference to Lord of the Rings. The weird, tiny, totally peaceful little bear throws that theory out completely.

There’s also a turtle-like symbol on the roof. What does it all mean?!

[So, what is this house referencing? Once we figure it out, we’ll let you guys know — for now, I’m sure it’s something blisteringly obvious!]