Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find The Legendary Fishing Map | Fishing Guide

There are plenty of side activities to do within Red Dead Redemption 2. Not only can you embark on a hunting spree seeking special game to claim goods such as pelts and food, but our main protagonist Arthur can spend a bit of time fishing in rivers, lakes, and swamps. Just like with hunting, Arthur will require specific items such as baits or lures in order to reel in a specific fish. Likewise, there are legendary fish located in the waters of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Similar to the legendary game you can hunt, players can receive a map that lists out where all of the legendary fish spawn in an attempt to reel in some of the more epic finds within the water. In this guide, we’ll showcase some tips, tricks and where to find the legendary fishing map.


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Fishing Pole Location

Much like the Legendary animal hunting map that you acquire through the in-game story, the fishing pole is also something that is given to Arthur in due time. You’ll simply need to play the campaign at least to the point where you’ll reach the second gang camp location. It’s here that Arthur ends up taking Jack fishing and afterwards, Arthur will always have a fishing pole.

Bait & Lures

There are a few means to attract fish which can be as simple as using bait or lures. If you use bait, then you’ll need to cast the pole directly on top of the fish. You can spot the fish simply by looking at the water for bubbles to rise up. However, lures are a bit different and will oftentimes bring out the more pricey fish. With a lure attached, you need to cast beyond the fish bubbles and slowly reel the lure in so that the fish is attracted to it. From there, it’s a simple wait game until you get the button icon to hook the fish.

When it comes to purchasing bait and lures, it’s essentially done at various general stores located through the game. Though one spot has been noted online to have all the lures and baits available which is a standalone bait shop located within Bluewater Marsh northwest of Saint-Denis. Again, depending on what you’re attempting to fish for will determine just what kind of bait you’ll end up purchasing and the same goes for lures, though there are only three lures available which are directed to the type of water. For example, there is a lake, river and swamp lure.


Small Fish

  • Bread
  • Corn Cheese

Medium Fish

  • Worms
  • Crickets


  • Crayfish
  • River Lure – Used within rivers
  • Lake Lure – Used within large lakes
  • Swamp Lure – Used within swamps
  • Special Lures – Each lure has a special counterpart lure which increases the chances of catching a fish
Best Bait For Fish


  • Bluegill
  • Rock Bass
  • Bullhead Catfish


  • Chain Pickerel
  • Bullhead Catfish


  • Redfin Pickerel
  • Perch
  • Any Bait
  • Rock Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass

Lake Lure

  • Lake Sturgeon
  • Muskie
  • Crayfish
  • Largemouth Bass


  • Steelhead Trout

River Lure

  • Sockeye Salmon
Legendary Fish Map Location

Just like with the Legendary Animal hunting map, Arthur will receive a map to pinpoint the more legendary fish locations within the game. In order to get the map, you’ll need to reach Gill Landing, which is by the shore of Flat Iron Lake in Heartlands. Speak with the character Gill who will hand you the map asking you to catch all thirteen of the legendary fish which will require the special lures.

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