Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Unlock Free Fast-Travel | All Fast Travel Methods Guide

When you first start Red Dead Redemption 2, you don’t have access to any convenient fast-travel system. You can pay to ride a Stage Couch or Train, but they only take you to a very select number of stations. Certain towns have train stations — and you can buy tickets at the Post. If you’re feeling like riding a couch instead, you need to interact with the couch sign outside the train station. It costs a lot more, though.

If you’ve been investing money into your camp, you can unlock a third method. Once this method is unlocked, you’re free to use it as often as you want. There is no notification that you’ll unlock a new fast-travel method when you’re at your camp, or that there’s any good reason to waste valuable cash on the lodgings option. Well, there is a good reason — free fast-travel.

  • NOTE: You can “fast-travelhands-free to any location using the Cinematic Camera mode. This is not the free method below, but still useful for travelling shorter distances.
    • Place a waypoint on your map and begin following the line.
    • Hold down gallop [Cross / A] on your controller then turn on Cinematic Camera mode while on a waypoint path. Tap gallop to reach full speed for a moment, then release. 
    • You’ll continue to follow the path and follow the waypoint to your destination.

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How To Unlock Free Fast-Travel | All Fast Travel Methods Guide

There are three fast-travel methods in RDR2train, stage couch, and the base camp map. The train and stage couch can be found at any post station. Each has a different line, so you can reach different places for a price. The base camp map, on the other hand, is totally free. You can unlock it as early as Chapter 2.

  • To unlock free fast travel in your base…
    • Unlock the Ledger in your base camp.
      • Complete Strauss’s first main story mission to unlock the ledger in Chapter 2.
    • Purchase the Lodgings Upgrades from the Ledger.
      • Purchase Dutch’s Tent upgrade. ($220)
      • Purchase Arthur’s Tent upgrade. ($325)
    • After getting both upgrades, the fast travel map will unlock.

You’ll need a total of $545 to purchase both upgrades. If you need money fast, checkout the guides linked above for a very simple method to earn $2000, or $1500 gold quickly.

The map is located on the side of Arthur’s Tent. You can travel to the following locations (as they’re unlocked) for free:

  • Base Camp Fast Travel Locations:
    • Valentine
    • Emerald Ranch
    • Blackwater
    • Strawberry
    • St. Denis
    • Van Horn Trading
    • Annesburg
    • Rhodes
    • Lagras

And that’s it! This is the most convenient way to travel huge distances in the game, and it’s absolutely worth unlocking early.