Red Dead Online: Everything You Need To Know | 17 Frequently Asked Questions

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Saddle up, outlaws! Red Dead Online, the standalone multiplayer title included with Red Dead Redemption 2 has unlocked, and almost a month after the singleplayer game’s release, cowpokes can access this massive undertaking from developer Rockstar.

Patterned after the explosive financial success of Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online is an ever-changing online world, where you create a custom character and rank up by completing activities that are unique to this version of the Wild West. You’ll find new story missions, strangers, competitive online matches, and much more.

It’s a daunting experience, and to help you understand what this game is all about, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. Learn what Red Dead Online is all about with the FAQ below, and check back soon as we update this article with more info as we play.

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Everything You Need To Know | Frequently Asked Questions

[Work-in-Progress: The beta has only just begun. We’re digging in, and we’ll add more to the list as we discover more.]

What Is Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online is the multiplayer, online-only portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a standalone title, and comes with its own updates and content. If you own Red Dead Redemption 2, you also own Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online is a “continuously expanding experience” — the developers at Rockstar plan to constantly update the title with new features, so anything listed below is subject to change.

When Can I Access Red Dead Online?

The full version has not yet been announced. The Beta is currently on-going. Here’s when you’ll be able to join, depending on your version of RDR2 / purchase date.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 27: Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition
  • Wednesday, Nov. 28: Everyone that played Red Dead Redemption 2 on Oct. 26 [Launch Day].
  • Thursday, Nov. 29: Everyone that played Red Dead Redemption 2 on Oct. 26-Oct. 29.
  • Friday, Nov. 30: All Red Dead Redemption 2 players.

Player access to the Beta is related to Rockstar’s Online database, so you may have to wait if you weren’t signed-in and online on your chosen platform.

Will My Progress Carryover?

Yes! The ranks and cash you earn in the Beta will carryover into the full version of Red Dead Online. At least, Rockstar developers state that this is the plan. Because this is a Beta, there may be issues that result in XP, cash, or stat resets.

How Many Players On The Server?

Up to 32 players can fight it out on the same map.

How Many Players Can Team Up?

Eight players can form a posse and explore the map.


Can I Create A Custom Character?

Yes. You start by customizing your character. You can customize your face, select your starting clothes, and even customize your walking animation. You can purchase clothes, haircuts, and other customization options later.

Your character can level up by completing activities that earn you XP. Some items, like guns in the store, are locked behind level requirements. You can earn levels by completing story missions, strange missions, or playing in competitive events. Basically, anything you do will earn you XP.

What Activities Are Available So Far?

You’ll start Red Dead Online¬†from Sisika State Penitentiary. From there, you can embark and explore many in-game activities. Activities can be shared with friends cooperatively, or you can jump into competitive events. At any time, other players can fight and kill you — or aid you.

  • Free ride with a posse of up to eight players.
  • Play through cooperative story missions. Solo / Co-op.
  • Discover challenge events on the Free Roam map.
  • Jump into Competitive Series lobbies for head-to-head matches.
  • Go hunting or fishing to earn XP and extra cash.
  • Increase your horse Bonding level.
  • Stumble into new Stranger Missions.
  • Fight random players in Free Roam, or explore solo.

How Does Honor Work In Red Dead Online?

Honor returns online, and depending on your honor, Stranger Missions may change radically. You’ll also encounter story missions with branching narratives, that change depending on your honor — whether you’re seeking justice or revenge. If you’re a dishonorable outlaw, you’ll be able to take on criminal tasks in the story, while honorable cowpokes will aim for loftier goals, such as helping others out of a jam.

Is There A Premium Currency?

Yes, Gold Bars are the premium currency, and can be used to purchase guns and exotic horses early. Gold Bars will be purchasable with real money in the RDRO store, or they can be earned in small quantities by completing story missions.

Currently, Gold Bars are not available to purchase.

Can You Play Poker With Friends?

No, there’s no gambling available so far.

What Are ‘Competitive Series’ Matches?

This is the PVP portion of the online experience. As you explore, you’ll find signposts. Interact to join a ‘Showdown Series’ — you’ll be able to shoot-it-out with other players in six different competitive, head-to-head modes.

  • Shootout & Team Shootout: Standard deathmatch. It’s a free-for-all! Shoot everyone, and get the most points to win. Unlimited lives. In the event of a tie, you’ll enter Sudden Death — first kill wins the match.
  • Most Wanted: Similar to Shootout — unlimited lives, and the more kills you earn, the higher your ranking. But, the higher your ranking, the more points other players earn by taking you down.
  • Make It Count: Stuck in a gradually shrinking play area, you’re stuck with Bow and Arrow or Throwing Knives only. Let the best hunter win.
  • Name Your Weapon: Similar to Shootout and Most Wanted, with a twist. Get kills with trickier weapons to earn more points.
  • Hostile Territory: Two teams compete over territory. Capture territory to earn points, or win the match instantly by capturing all the territory in the zone.

Can You Wear A Poncho? 

Nope, not yet.

Can I Customize My Camp?

Yes! Not much is known about your camp, but it can be customized. RDR2: Ultimate Edition comes with an exclusive camp skin — and presumably, more will unlock.

How Do I Get Guns?

Guns are available from gun stores, just like in singleplayer. You can pick up guns from dead players or enemies, but these aren’t considered “owned” weapons, so you can’t get replacements from the store.

Guns are available at the store, and customization / ammo cost about double the singleplayer price. You’ll need to level up to unlock new weapons.

Can I Lasso & Hog-Tie Other Players?

Yes! This feature was unavailable in RDR1, but you can now hog-tie random players. They’re able to break free much, much faster than NPCs. So don’t think you can hold onto someone for too long.

How Does Deadeye Work Online?

Similar to singleplayer, Dead Eye can be used to target enemies and land multiple shots. The only difference between offline and online is that there is no slow-down-time effect.

What Is The Economy Like?

Currently, it looks like you won’t be able to earn money quite so easily when you’re playing online. Treasures and pelts sell for significantly less than in singleplayer, and useful healing items / food, or other consumables, sell for a bit more. Essentially, you won’t be able to stockpile much cash early on, though that is subject to change.

We’ll continue to add more questions-and-answers as we learn more about RDRO. Check back soon!

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