Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Solve Every Treasure Map | Locations Guide

Treasure Maps are one of the best ways to earn money in Red Dead Redemption 2 — if only they weren’t so painfully hard to complete. Treasure Maps are even more rare and difficult to solve this time around, because you’ll typically have to trudge to multiple hard-to-find locations on the map. The map is also roughly a billion times bigger than the first game, meaning you’ll usually encounter maps showing strange spots you’ve never seen before.

Unless you’re taking careful notes and canvassing the entire map, it isn’t likely you’ll be able to complete a Treasure Hunt without a little extra help. That’s where we come in. Below, I’m going to write simple, straightforward guides for every Treasure Map I find. You’ll usually find a huge reward at the end of these quests, so you don’t want to miss out — there are literally thousands of dollars worth of gold waiting in the hills.

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How To Solve Every Treasure Map | Locations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new entries as we discover more treasure hunts!]

The Jack Hall Gang ($1,000 Reward)

  • 1st Map: Can be purchased from a stranger west of Flatneck Station in the Heartlands. Also available from Fences (Emerald Ranch, etc). The map costs $10.
  • 2nd Map: The first map points you to Caliban’s Seat, just northwest of Horseshoe Overlook. The map is hidden on a very narrow ledge on the side of the rock formation, accessed from the top.
  • 3rd Map: The third map is located at Cotorra Springs, west of Bacchus Bridge in New Hanover. Follow the train tracks the Bacchus Bridge, and look for a collection of ponds on the map. Search the standing rocks pointed out on the map.
  • Treasure Location: The treasure is located at O’Creagh’s Run in the Grizzlies East area. That’s the lake near Veteran’s Homestead. Find a rock you can search on the little island in the middle of the lake.

High Stakes Treasure ($1,500 Reward)

  • 1st Map: To get the first map, you need to encounter the Treasure Hunter in a chance encounter. He’s found all over New Hanover, or all around the area near Cumberland Falls. When you see him looking through binoculars, use your rope to tie him up and take his treasure map.
  • 2nd Map: Travel to Cumberland Falls near Wallace Station. The map is hidden behind the waterfall. Use the fallen tree log to reach the area.
  • 3rd Map: Go north to Barrow Lagoon in the snowy mountains. The map is located on a tree log that forms a bridge over the frozen lagoon.
  • Treasure Location: Find the tall mountain southwest of Bacchus Station. Go to this hill, and find the passage between the two peaks. From there, follow the map around the left side, jumping, climbing, and dropping to reach the narrow ledge with the treasure.

The Poisonous Trail ($2,000 Reward)

  • 1st Map: To begin the “Poisonous Trail” treasure hunt, find the first map under the bed in Cairn Lake Lodge.
  • 2nd Map: Go to the Lemoyne Region and find Face Rock east of the “R” in “Scarlett” on your map. The map is in a hollow tree trunk.
  • 3rd Map: Travel to Serpent Mound, west of Van Horn. The map is in the pile of stones.
  • Treasure Location: Go to New Hanover and travel to the Elysian Pool watering hole in the north. There’s a secret cave behind the waterfall with four gold bars.

Le Tresor Des Morts (Deluxe Edition Exclusive)

  • 1st Map: Go to the burnt town southwest of Horseshoe Overlook. In the stone structure, you’ll find the first map.
  • 2nd Map: The first map shows a location in Saint Denis. Go to the docks and find the passage that connects the Cornwall Freight Station to the harbor. Investigate the wall near the single crate.
  • Treasure Location: The second map shows the final location, also in Saint Denis. Travel to the large graveyard. Find the large mausoleum with the cathedral window — it’s west of the center of the cemetery. Investigate the wall to find $2,500 worth of gold.

Check back later for more treasure hunt locations.