Red Dead Online: Earn 10,000+ XP Per Hour With This Trick | Fast Rank Up Guide

No, this isn’t an exploit or a glitch — this is just the very best method for farming XP in Red Dead Online. This amazing trick is very, very simple. The only problem is, you’ll need a second willing participant to help you earn that sweet, sweet XP.

All you have to do is farm the final checkpoint in the last Beta story mission, called ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One Of Them’. This mission, previously, was a pretty good source for XP just because it’s a big mission with a boss encounter at the end. That makes it pretty worthwhile, but if you want to earn that big XP, and do it fast, you’ll want to try out this trick.

Originally shared by Waraneasy on PSNProfiles, and demonstrated by PS4Trophies on YouTube, this is the cream of the XP farming crop, the best (and simplest) way to reach Rank 50 in no time. Naturally, that probably means this little trick won’t last long. It isn’t exactly a glitch, but I imagine Rockstar won’t want players to leap straight to Rank 50 so fast. But who knows, they might be totally cool with it.

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Earn 10,000+ XP Per Hour With This Trick | Fast Rank Up Guide

To earn a crazy amount of XP and farm for hours at a time, you’ll need to be prepared. This is all about using the checkpoint system to your advantage. The more players you have in your posse, the less XP you’ll earn, so it helps to stick to a simple 2-person team.  

  • Requirements:
    • The story mission ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One of Them’ ready to play.
      • You can replay any missions you’ve completed already from the Progress Menu.
    • A two-person posse. Can be done with 3-4 players.
      • You’ll earn less XP per person if you play with a full posse. 2 players is best.

When you’re ready, follow these steps exactly to replay the final checkpoint and earn tons of XP.

  • ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One of Them’ XP Farming Steps:
    1. Form a posse and select the mission from the Progress Menu. Immediately quit out of the lobby when you start, or you’ll be forced to play with random players.
    2. When you quit the lobby, the yellow marker will appear for the mission in New Austin. Travel there with your posse to start the mission.
      • When you enter the area, select to “Start Mission” instead of matchmaking.
    3. The goal is to farm the first checkpoint for kills. You’re not aiming for XP from mission completion, just from kills.
      • Clear the fort until you reach the far back area with the last 6~ or so enemies. At this point, get killed and reset. You don’t want to trigger the boss fight cutscene.

To get the most XP, you’ll want to only use Split-Point Ammo for the Revolver. Combine that with Execution Kills, and you’ll earn 30+ XP per kill.

Don’t worry about dying. Just charge into the fray, getting tons of Revolver, Split-Point execution kills. If you die, it doesn’t matter. Just reset — the reason this trick works is because you have heavy armor, making it much easier to charge and get kills up-close. You’ll also get +50 Special Bullets every time you reset after a team wipe.

With fewer players, that leaves more kills for just the two of you in your posse. It’s an incredibly efficient way to earn kills. You can grab 300+ XP from just 10 kills — that amount of XP usually takes an entire story mission to complete, and even then, it’s rare. That means you’ll get 900+ XP from 30 kills. Which can be done very, very easily.

Yup, this is probably the best possible way to farm for XP in RDO so far. We’re still looking for awesome tricks and methods, so keep following us right here on Gameranx.

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