Kingdom Come: Deliverance – All Pieces of the Queen of Sheba Sword | Locations Guide

Talking to the swordsmith of Sasau will unlock a pretty tricky quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He’ll send you on a treasure hunt to find (and eventually combine) five pieces of a very special sword — the Queen of Sheba sword. This rare artifact has been broken into parts and taken away to every corner of the country. Finding them all is like searching for needles in a haystack.

The open-world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is dense, to put it mildly. Each town is packed with incredible detail and tons of rooms to search. Just stumbling into all five pieces could take literal days of in-game searching. If you’re not all about aimless wandered, check out this quick list of locations. There are only five, and we can pretty easily explain exactly where each one is. They aren’t just sitting at the bottom of a lake or something — specific characters have these pieces hidden. You’ll have to steal, pickpocket, or flat-out buy each piece.

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All Pieces of the Queen of Sheba Sword | Locations Guide

To begin the Queen of Sheba sword quest, talk to swordsmith Zach in Sasau. Converse and you’ll eventually being the quest to hunt down all five pieces of the Queen of Sheba sword. To find the pieces, you’ll need to visit the following five locations and acquire the pieces by any means necessary.

  • Queen of Sheba Sword Pieces:
    • Piece #1: Rattay – In a chest in the second floor of the blacksmith’s building. Find the chest near the stairs.
    • Piece #2: Rattay – Gained from the Pickman of Skalitz. Complete the ‘Aquarius’ quest and talk to him after selecting him for water / dung duty.
    • Piece #3: Sasau – One piece is actually held by Zach himself. Pickpocket it off him.
    • Piece #4: Ledetchko – You can simply buy this piece of the town blacksmith.
    • Piece #5: Talmberg – In the Blacksmith’s house. Find the house east of the Tanner. Find it on top of a barrel in the second room on your left.