Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Where To Find Secret Horse Armor | Location Guide

Horses are an expensive commodity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but there’s one addition that seems curiously absent for most players. While you can purchase a bridle, saddle, and horseshoes for your trusty steed, there doesn’t appear to be any horse armor. You can’t buy horse armor in stores, and you can’t get it as a DLC item (i.e. Skyrim) — so where’s the horse armor?

It’s actually located in a secret hideaway that’s pretty tricky to find. You’ll have to explore the forests and find a giant nest with a dead horse inside. Is this an Easter egg? It’s definitely something strange, because this horse has the only known piece of horse armor in all of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Where To Find Secret Horse Armor | Location Guide

Horse armor is extremely rare, and (so far) we only know one location where it can be obtained. The armor is for the head of the horse, and increases defense when equipped. It also looks really cool, and makes your horse look all-around fancier. If you’re a warrior with full plate armor, and you’ve got all the accessories for your horse, then this horse armor is well-worth it.

To actually find the horse armor, travel into the deep woods east of Ledetchko. Navigate around the cliffs until you can reach the upper edges of the tall cliffside. On the edge, you’ll find a very strange sight — there’s a dead horse in a giant nest. You can see the nest from below.

Navigate up and around to the nest, then use the bushes to jump into the nest itself. You can actually stand on bushes for a moment before sinking. Loot the nest to get the horse armor.

So, why is this horse armor so hard to find? We can only guess that this is cut content, thrown into a weird Easter egg, and only included for players willing to look. In the future, there will probably be a more “official” horse armor, but for now this is the best your horse is going to get.


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