Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Get End-Game Plate Armor Early | Location Guide

Plate armor is prohibitively expensive in the early hours of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Full metal armor suits just weren’t made for commoners, and you’ll have to work long and hard before you’ve got enough coin to purchase or even maintain a suit of plate armor. Unless, of course, you just find it laying around on the map.

Even very early in the game, there’s a certain location you can raid to collect a full set of plate armor and a powerful sword — the armor and weapon are in the St. George set, and they’re meant for end-game players only. If you’re an enterprising explorer, it doesn’t take much to find an empty camp with all this gear. Grabbing it basically makes the early game a breeze — you’ll be destroying everything and nobody can touch you.

Sure, it’ll cost a lot to get your plate armor repaired, but you can always save this heavy armor for bad situations. The armor doesn’t appear to be a pre-order bonus, or a DLC reward — it may be a bug that the armor appears so early, so grab it fast before it (might) get patched out.

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How To Get End-Game Plate Armor Early | Location Guide

To get a full set of Plate Armor and a powerful sword (worth about 10,000 coin) early in the game, you’ll need to travel to the town of Neuhof. From town, travel north and then east from the fork in the road until you find an abandoned camp on the left.

There’s an unlocked chest in the camp that contains a full set of St. George Plate Armor and the Sword of St. George.

The chest (and camp) are actually a specific location you’ll later arrive at in the story. During the ‘Epilogue’ quest at the end of the game, you’ll meet an NPC at this camp. That’s when you’re meant to collect this powerful set of armor. But, due to what might be a bug, anyone can arrive at this location, at any point in the game, and find this chest even when it isn’t populated by NPCs. This armor is free for the taking.

Enjoy! It makes the early parts of the game much, much easier.