Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Quickly Level Up Lockpicking | Thief Guide

If you want to make plenty of money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, lockpicking will go a long way to help your career as a thief. It doesn’t help that lockpicking is also pretty tough in the current build of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The developers promise changes, but you’ll still need lots of skill levels to crack open the toughest locks.

The more you level up lockpicking, the more perks you can unlock to make this tough task a whole lot easier. It doesn’t help that you can’t quicksave before attempting to lockpick, but there are ways to easily level up your lockpicking skill, and it only costs a little bit of gold. It’s possible even from the very start of the game.

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How To Quickly Level Up Lockpicking | Thief Guide

Early in the game, you’ll begin your lockpicking career when you talk to the Miller Peshek and take on a quest to repair your debt by stealing a valuable ring. This unlocks stolen item fences, and a place to purchase lockpicks. You can also talk to Miller Peshek to train in lockpicking.

  • To begin lockpicking, talk to Miller Peshek and ask him to train you as a beginner. He’ll ask for money, but you can haggle him down to a lower price.

After you’ve acquired a lockpick and you’re ready to get started, travel behind the mill. Next to one of the backdoors, you’ll find a small wooden chest. We’ll call this a ‘practice’ chest because it constantly re-locks itself.


  • To farm lockpicking and level up quickly, simply crack open the ‘practice’ chest near the backdoor of Peshek’s mill at the start of the game, near Rattay.
    • After unlocking the chest successfully, back away and let the chest reset. Then you can try again and again infinitely.

If you need more money for lockpicks, I suggest going to the forest and practicing your Herbalism skill. Pick whatever you can find off the ground and sell it to vendors — while selling, you can increase your haggling skill because you’ll be selling so much, so quickly.

Lockpicking is really tricky in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but a few extra unlocked perks should make things considerably easier for you in the long run.