Monster Hunter World Gets Street Fighter V Stickers And Gestures

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is getting a whole lot better with some new Street Fighter V content being added to the third-person title. Players can now pick up an exclusive stick set as well as two gestures

Available right now from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One you will be able to purchase Sticker Set: Street Fighter V DLC, and two awesome Gestures. The sticker pack is priced at $2.30 while each of the gestures is priced at $4.50 dollars each.

It’s quite surprising that Xbox One is actually getting any form of Street Fighter DLC considering Street Fighter V is actually a PS4 exclusive, but nevertheless, it’s still some extra content for your hunting experience.

In other news, Monster Hunter World has just received a new update. Read more about it, here.

‘Capcom’s critically acclaimed open-world co-op adventure, Monster Hunter World has just received a new update. The update is version 1.06 on the PlayStation 4 and version on the Xbox One – and while size wise, it’s not that big, it still introduces a decent amount of changes.’

Monster Hunter: World is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.