Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Start Every Courtship | Romance Guide

There isn’t any magic in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which sets itself apart as a more grounded, reality-based RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire. However, there’s plenty of love.

You’ll have to work your way up from the dirt to exact revenge on the man that killed your parents, but there’s plenty of other activities along the way. When you’re not fighting bandits or completing quests, you can also enter into stately courtship with a couple of local ladies.

Like any proper romantic side-quest, it all depends on who you choose. There are multiple characters you can romance, and actually reaching their specific quest-chains can take some time. If you’re curious how (and when) you’ll be able to find that spark of true love in ye olde times, keep scrolling down to see what’s up.

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How To Start Every Courtship | Romance Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more courtship options as they’re discovered.]

Theresa Romance Guide

  1. At the start of the game, you’ll have the option to rescue Theresa. It doesn’t matter what your choice is, she will always appear later to help you.
  2. During the main story quest “Keeping the Peace” in Rattay, you’ll unlock the ‘Courtship’ side-quest after talking to the guard named Nightingale.
  3. Theresa is the Mill Wench and she can be found in the mill northeast of Rattay. Talk to her before noon to begin the courtship quest. After that, you can complete the quest like normal.

For courting Theresa, you’ll unlock the ‘McLovin‘ achievement / trophy.


Stephanie Romance Guide

  1. Once you unlock the main story quest ‘Awakening’ in Rattay, you can romance Stephanie. You cannot romance her during your first meeting — only after. It doesn’t matter what you say to her during your first meeting.
  2. Return to Talmberg Castle and talk to Stephanie in the upper levels. Talking to her will begin the quest ‘At Your Service, My Lady’ — get her a crown, wine, and a horse to complete this quest.
  3. When you complete this quest, select “Alright” when she rewards you with clothing to put it on.

For courting Stephanie, you’ll unlock the ‘Casanova‘ achievement / trophy.

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