Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 5 Tips To Help You Get Cash | Early Gold Guide

The Holy Roman Empire of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a dangerous place, and you’ll need all the coin you can get. Not only is coin useful for purchasing all the basics any RPG protagonist requires, you’ll also need plenty of coin if you want to save your progress easily. Coin is pretty important, and there’s no simple method for getting super-rich (that we know of yet…) so until then, here are six simple ways you can earn cash quickly in Kingdom Come.

Naturally, coin is in pretty low supply. This isn’t Skyrim, it’s meant to represent a more historically accurate version of the past, even if that still means you’ll be cutting down dozens of bandits and selling their ears to the local knighthood for petty cash. Killing bandits isn’t the only way to work toward a steady supply of riches — you can always resort to robbery, too.

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#1: Unlock the Stolen Goods Fence Early

The town of Rattay seems to be a pretty upstanding place, but if you want to earn lots of cash, you’ll need a fence to sell stolen goods. To do that, you’ll want to repay the miller’s debt with a favor. Don’t give him cash! Do a dirty deed and steal a ring — it sounds pretty bad, but if you’re careful, you can stay in good standing with the local guards. Just don’t get caught!

Completing the miller’s dept with a favor will unlock the stolen goods fence. Now you can sell anything that isn’t nailed down.

If you’re in bad standing, guards will search you for stolen goods whenever you enter town. It’s pretty annoying, so prepare some bribery money to make passage into Rattay smoother.

#2: Robbery For Quick Cash

There are multiple ways to rob people in Rattay and the surrounding streets. Bring lockpicks and explore the living areas above merchant shops, or simply enter the nicer-looking houses of Rattay and pick the places clean. Surprisingly, it’s actually easier to rob many of these locations during the day while the occupants are out doing business.

The armorer’s house is a good place to start. Just lift what you need, then book it back to the miller’s stolen good fences to make a tidy profit for your dirty deeds.

#3: Becoming A Bandit

When you’re not skulking around town stealing from the good people of Rattay, you can explore the roads in the areas between villages and castles. You’ll often encounter NPCs called Wayfarers. These are travelers — and they’re great marks for a stick-up job.

Get behind a Wayfarer and choke them to knock them out. You don’t have to kill them! Just do it away from towns (and guards) or you’ll be in big trouble. Rob them blind — they’re usually carrying 15~ coins, and their clothes can be sold, too.


#4: …or Fighting Bandits

Talk to Captain Bernard in Rattay to begin bandit hunting side-quests. These simple jobs will send you to different bandit camps — and you’re free to kill these guys without getting into trouble. Not only do bandits carry valuable items you can sell to any reputable merchant in Rattay, but completing the work itself will earn you some extra coins, too.

Or, you can simple fast-travel with your horse between populated areas. Gangs of bandits will randomly attack — if it looks like you can take them, wipe the group out and collect their belongings (and the gold in their pockets) before returning to safety and selling.

#5: Grab A Dagger And Sell Ears

Ears are another valuable resource you can collect from bandits and other unsavory characters in the Holy Roman Empire. Captain Bernard in Rattay will pay you for each bandit ear you bring back — Sir Robard in Talmberg Castle will pay for those yellow-clad Cuman’s ears.

To harvest ears, you’ll need to purchase and keep a dagger in your inventory. It’s a worthwhile purchase, because Sir Robard and Captain Bernard offer good sums for hunting their enemies. You’ll be fighting lots of bandits and Cuman already on your quest for revenge, so might as well sell those ears for bonus spending money.

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