Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Learn Alchemy & Brew Useful Potions | Crafting Guide

Alchemy isn’t the magical process we think it is today. Kingdom Come: Deliverance presents old middle ages herbalism as accurately as possible, minus all the magic. You can brew antidotes and healing potions — and they’re based on historical recipes of the time. Accuracy is cool, but the real reason you’ll want to learn alchemy is very simple. You’ll be able to craft Savior Schnapps instead of throwing away cash buying those expensive drinks.

Actually learning alchemy isn’t so simple. You’ll need ingredients which can be collected in the forests, hills, and roadways of the Holy Roman Empire, or you can just purchase the ingredients from merchants. Then, you’ll have to begin brewing — it can be completely overwhelming the first time, but we’ll walk you through an example alchemy session below.

Oh, and you’ll have to learn to read. At the start of the game, your character can’t read.

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How To Learn Alchemy & Brew Useful Potions | Crafting Guide

To craft in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’ll first need to find an alchemist. There are multiple apothecaries you’ll find throughout the country, but let’s start with the easiest and earliest opportunity.

  • How To Receive Basic Alchemy Training:
    • In the starting town of Rattay, find the Apothecary store located near the lower gate.
    • Talk to the Alchemist inside and request training.
      • Training begins a quest and costs 50-60 coins.

Alchemy tables can be use at any time, but if you want to learn the recipes, you’ll need to learn how to read too. Your character, at the start of the game, does not know how to read — any text, including the alchemy recipe book to the right of the Rattay alchemy table, will appear in jumbled text. You can still use alchemy tables, but learning to read will make things easier for you.

  • How To Learn To Read:
    • Talk to the Apothecary in Rattay and ask him if he knows anyone that can teach you to read.
    • The apothecary will give you the location of a Scribe in Uzhitz. When you have a horse, travel there.
      • The scribe charges 50 coins and will have you read a book. He’ll also quiz you — the answer is about ‘Greed’.

Now that you know how to read, it’s time to dive into some actual alchemy. To get started, we’ll explain how to craft the most basic recipe, and one of the most useful — Savior Schnapps.


How To Craft | Savior Schnapps, Step-By-Step

At the alchemy table in Rattay, check the recipe book to the right. If you know how to read, the first recipe is for Savior Schnapps. This is an alcoholic drink that lets you manually save whenever you want. It’s also very expensive, so you can save plenty of cash making it yourself.

  • Savior Schnapps Ingredients
    • x1 Nettle
    • x2 Belladonna

Belladonna can be found growing on the outskirts of forests — you can also purchase ingredients from the alchemist vendors. Once you’ve got everything you need, use an alchemy table and let’s go step-by-step how the process works.

  • Crafting Savior Schnapps:
    1. From the book, click “Prepare” under the first page with Savior Schnapps. The ingredients in your inventory will automatically move to the alchemy shelf.
    2. Add Wine from the left shelf to the cauldron.
    3. Select and add Nettles from the right shelf to the cauldron.
    4. Select Belladonna from the shelf and place it in the mortar (small bowl) right in front. Use the pestle (small crushing tool) to grind up the Belladonna.
    5. Place the ground Belladonna on the dish. Do this for both Belladonna ingredients.
    6. Use the bellows to begin boiling with the cauldron.
    7. Turn the sand timer (hourglass) once, and wait for the timer to complete. Turn it a second time, and wait for it to complete.
    8. After the second sand timer is complete, add the ground Belladonna to the boiling cauldron.
    9. Turn the sand timer a third time and wait for it to complete.
    10. When the third sand timer interval is complete, pick up a phial from the left side of the table and use it on the cauldron to add the mixture to the phial.

You’ve now got your very own Savior Schnapps! As you can see, crafting is a very involved process. You can’t overcook or undercook your recipe, and those sand timers are essential to proper brewing techniques. If you mess up even one step, your potion won’t work, and you’ll have wasted those ingredients.