Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 10 Weird Tips & Tricks You Need To Know | Beginner’s Guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t your average open-world RPG. At first glance, it might look like a sword-and-sorcery epic like Skyrim or Witcher 3, but the devil is in the details. The game is hardcore, and you’ll need every advantage you can get to survive the brutal early-game difficulty.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of 10 weird tips and tricks that will make your medieval life a whole lot easier to handle. The tips below range from straightforward useful NPC locations to strange glitches that will make life easier when you encounter some of the game’s more infamous bugs — need to revive NPCs that you accidentally killed? There’s a way to do that. Check out all the tips we’ve drudged up so far, and let us know if you’ve found any tips that are even better.

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10 Weird Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Here are the best tips and tricks we’ve found so far. Some are fairly simple, others are very specific, and others are flat-out glitches that are going to be very useful. 

#1: Train with Captain Bernard for free to improve your weapon handling skills. It’s free and will help you equip stronger weapons that are out of your reach.

#2: Learn Alchemy right away — Saviour Schnapps is the first recipe. You can cook 3 potions at a time, for relatively cheap manual saving.

#3: Hunting is illegal, so cook meat at a campfire to make it legal. Now you can sell the hunted meat without getting in trouble with guards.

#4: Speaking of illegal activities, if you have illegal stolen items in your inventory, simply place them in storage and wait a few days. The illegal tag will eventually disappear.

#5: Serve a 10 day Prison Sentence to revive every dead NPC. If you accidentally killed someone important, just stay in prison for 10 days. Though, getting a prison sentence that long can be tricky.


#6: Pick nettles / poison herbs to get a permanent +2 to toughness. This will unlock a permanent “Resistant” secret perk that stays with you forever. Very simple to get.

#7: Only pick locks during the day when everyone is out of the house. At night, occupants have amazing hearing. Steal the expensive gambeson in the Rattay clothing store for the useful 0 noise modifier.

#8: Jump all the time. Never stop jumping! Each jump gives you +1 XP to toughness. Similarly, never stop picking flowers. Eventually (past Level 10) picking flowers will give you +1 XP to strength.

#9: Chests in lodgings are shared, so you can pay to stay at an inn, then dump all your extra items into the chest. The shared chest will be available at fast travel points and other lodgings.

#10: Keep a bow and arrow handy for bird’s nests. Shooting down a bird’s nest can get you silver, or even expensive jewelry.

And that’s the 10 best tips we’ve found so far. Got your own useful tip? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for more.