Destiny 2: Iron Banner – All New Weapons, Shaders & Armor | Gallery

The new Iron Banner event for Destiny 2 has landed, and in exchange for participation, you can earn a whole bunch of new armor pieces, shaders and weapons for your Titan, Hunter or Warlock. The armor pieces are all new, but sadly all the legendary weapons available from Lord Saladin are just retextures — no new models this time around. Here’s hoping for new models in future Iron Banner events to come.

Until then, we’ve collected pictures showing off all the weapons, armor sets, and shaders you can collect. The weapons are a wide range useful tools — Auto Rifles, Sidearms, Grenade Launchers, Hand Cannons and more. There are seven Iron Banner weapons in total, and three full armor sets (five pieces, all unique for each class), with two Shaders so you can show off your Iron Banner loyalty with green and gold, or brown and gold color schemes.

Iron Banner – Weapons, Armor & Shaders Gallery

[10/10 Update: The weapons, armor and shaders shown below are available during the 10/10 Iron Banner event.]

The Iron Banner event includes: 7 weapons, 3 armor sets, and 2 shaders. For more info on the event itself, check out our Destiny 2: Iron Banner breakdown.


  • Weapons
    • The Forward Path [Auto Rifle]
    • The Wizened Rebuke [Fusion Rifle]
    • The Day’s Fury [Grenade Launcher]
    • The Steady Hand [Hand Cannon]
    • The Time-Worn Spire [Pulse Rifle]
    • The Guiding Sight [Scout Rifle]
    • The Fool’s Remedy [Sidearm]
  • Shaders
    • Iron Battalion
    • Iron Wolf

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