Destiny 2: What You Need To Know About The Iron Banner Event

The Iron Banner event is coming to Destiny 2. The Iron Lord is taking a trip to the tower and he’s bringing his limited time multiplayer event with him. Lord Saladin drops the Iron Banner Event into the crucible, changing up the Control mode and providing new rewards in special Iron Banner engrams. You can get legendary, enhanced gear for all three classes.

The Iron Banner isn’t the only incoming event. On October 10th, the Prestige Raid is dropping. This is an enhanced, even-more-difficult version of the insane raid. This one is for experts only, so gear up and prepare yourself for a real fight against Emperor Calus.

What You Need To Know About The Iron Banner Event

The Iron Banner event has gone through some changes. Originally, Iron Banner events enabled Light Level Advantages — Guardians with higher light levels took less damage (and dished out more damage) to opponents with lower light levels. That’s no longer true in Destiny 2 — your fighting skill is all that matters.

What’s Different During The Iron Banner Event?

  • The Iron Banner event takes place in the Crucible.
    • 4 vs 4 fireteams in Control
  • Power Level will NOT give you an advantage.
  • Iron Banner Engrams replace Bounties and Ranks.

How Long Does The Iron Banner Event Last?

  • Begins: October 10th, 2AM Pacific
  • Ends: October 17th, 2AM Pacific

How To Join The Iron Banner Event

  • Complete the Destiny 2 campaign to unlock The Tower.
  • Talk to Lord Saladin in the Tower and accept the Iron Banner quest.
  • Join the Iron Banner playlist to earn unique Iron Banner rewards.

What Do I Get For Competing?

  • Whether you win or lose, you’ll earn Iron Banner Tokens.
    • You’ll get more for winning.
  • Three sets of unique Iron Banner armor are available — one for each class.
  • Complete Daily (and Season) milestones.

And that’s everything you should know before diving into the Iron Banner event. Some things are new, some things have changes — it’s still the Iron Banner event, and you can still wage friendly combat with other Guardians online for special rewards.

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