Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Babylon Final Boss Fight

It’s worth bringing your best agents into this battle as it will be your last. Likewise, you’ll have to face against all the previous bosses from earlier in this game. They will retain their same attacks so don’t expect any new tricks during their return.

Section 1

During the first part of the fight, you’ll have to face against Hammersmith and Gaunt. Their attacks will be the same from your past encounter. Check out their boss fights guides for a quick refresher on how to defeat these two again.

Section 2

The second phase will have you facing against Aisha and Steeltoe. It’s worth noting that Steeltoe will not have his buff as he did in during his battle. Instead, his moves will be catered to the first section of his fight.

Section 3

At this last point, you’ll be facing against Babylon and Ariadne. Focus on attacking Babylon as once he is stunned, Ariadne will be available to attack. Much like her boss battle, you will need to fire at Ariadne to stun her causing her to dash towards you. During her dash attack, put yourself in front of the crystal, moving aside at the last moment so she smashes into it.

Continue this process until the crystal shatters in which Babylon will transport himself into it. When he’s inside, shoot at the Crystal to officially destroy it, ending the campaign.

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