Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Hammersmith Boss Fight

The fight against Hammersmith is broken down into three real sections and will be significantly harder than your first boss fight with Babylon.

Section 1

The first section of this fight is dealing with the pesky turrets that Hammersmith unloads. These turrets can deal a serious amount of damage if you’re out in the open. It’s best that you have a tank-type character such as Hardtack and even then, position yourself behind an object blocking you from view of the turret. Alternatively, have a mid-range agent with an assault-based weapon to take out the turrets from relatively far away.

Quickly jump out in front and give it a few blasts from your weapon and then jump back to cover. Keep this strategy up with each turret until they are all destroyed.

Section 2

After you have destroyed the turrets, Hammersmith will secure his platform and activate shields. He will then fire off energy blasts that you’ll need to avoid, that is until he fires off one large energy blast where you’re indicated to fire at the ball, essentially sending it right back to Hammersmith.

Upon being hit, Hammersmith will be vulnerable to attacks. Attack him with everything you got until he once again activates his shields and repeats the same attack pattern. You’ll do this a couple more times until it triggers the third section of this battle.

Section 3

The last section of this battle will have you facing against an even more protected Hammersmith. This boss will bring up more shields and use a stronger beam powered by the comet. At this point, you’ll need to fire at the generator core to learn that there is not enough power to damage the generator.

There will now be indicators on the ground which you’ll need to stand in, this will cause the beam controlled by Hammersmith to destroy a shield generator, resulting in the ability to attack the generator core for a brief amount of time.

Likewise, you will have to face against a spree of enemies as well during this portion, though they are easy enough to handle.

Repeat this process until all the Shield Generators have been destroyed and you’re able to deplete the Generator Core HP.

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