Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Ariadne Boss Fight

Ariadne can be a difficult boss as it requires players reading cues and quickly making a dash out of the view. With that said, you should have an agent that is relatively quick and capable of dashing out of the way such as Fortune.

Section 1

The first part of this fight will have players facing against three Ariadne’s, although two of these Ariadne’s are clones. You’ll need to fire at these Ariadne’s as much as possible so that the real Ariadne will take enough damage that will trigger the next section of the fight to start.

Section 2

This second section will have players running around the room to catch power orbs which will result in the agents being buffed. Collect all three orbs and shoot the Tank containing Gremlin. During this section, you’ll need to be mindful of the energy beam that Ariadne will fire.

Players can avoid this beam by jumping down to a lower platform, dodging it, or jumping over it. If you’re hit by the beam, you’ll be knocked off the platform and will take damage until you make your way back onto the platform again.

Continue to collect the Power Orbs and fire at the Tank until it’s destroyed, resulting in the last section of this fight.

Section 3

At this last section of the fight, players will be against a wave of robot thugs and Ariadne. The robots won’t cause too much trouble so focus more on Ariadne and fire at her until she is stunned. Stunning Ariadne will cause her to dash towards you, before this happens, position yourself in front of a diorama and dash out of the way, forcing Ariadne to slowly destroy all of the dioramas causing you to win the battle.

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