Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Aisha Boss Fight

When you go into the Battle with Aisha, you’ll essentially have to fight three bosses. Luckily, the fight won’t be too difficult, but we suggest going into this battle with a couple agents that are aimed towards assault attack.

Section 1

The first part of the fight will have Yellow and Green Aisha will be powering up robots within the room. These are essentially easy targets to kill regardless of being buffed by Yellow and Green Aisha, so quickly destroy these thugs to trigger the second section of the fight.

Section 2

After destroying the Robot minions from Aisha, you’ll be greeted with Yellow and Green Aisha in their own robotic suits. You should keep moving while you attack these bosses and steer clear from their Hyper beam attack as it can quickly drain your characters armor and health. This won’t be their only attack capable of throwing out to players, but it’s certainly one of their strongest.

Section 3

After destroying the Yellow and Green Aisha, you’ll have to face against Red Aisha in prototype robotic suit. At this point, you’ll need to keep in an area that will block yourself from attacks being sent out by the boss. We suggest sticking to higher grounds as you’ll have to aim at the giant hands as they come up.

After hitting the hands, the head will be vulnerable which will allow Red Aisha to receive damage. Repeat this process until you have successfully destroyed the robotic boss.

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